Too far from the ball?

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What is the general consensus on a proper setup?

I grew up idolizing Faldo so for the majority of my life I have had the head, hands, and toes in a line down to the ground. I was always someone who preferred the hands as close to the body as possible, but as I have improved my game I am finding this leading to more and more issues with consistency.

I have recently started "reaching" more for the ball lining up with my hands over my toes but a lot more waste bend so my eyes feel like they are out beyond my toes. I feel like I am reaching for it in the setup, but in the swing itself I feel like I can go as hard as I want without any issue (once the swing starts the "reaching" feeling disappears). Is this a just a case of the feels not matching reality? I have put myself on video and though it feels like I am majorly reaching for it I'm not really reaching for it at all.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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