Vista pro 70 changes over the years

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I have an older Vista pro 70 from around 2010 maybe, its just a metallic grey greenish shaft. Not flashy at all. I am just curious if they have changed profiles over the years? Thinking about replacing my three wood shaft

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    Maybe?? Probably a little, but i dont know for sure? I had an Aldila HM-40 about 30 years ago that i hit 25 yards farther than anything ive ever hit! My car was broken onto and my bats were gone forever! I was playing college golf at the time and to this day i have never found an hm-40 that i liked let alone bombed!
    Companies change the mateials they use over the years and while it looks great on paper its just hard to tell? My only suggestion would be to give it a shot. Ive tried probably 25 or 30 hm-40s and still searching!

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    I think the tip has gotten a little bit softer in the new one but overall they have made it more stable with newer technology. I would suspect that if you wanted the true replacement for the Vista Pro you'd probably be looking along the Fujikura 2.0 or ATMOS (non-tour spec) lines, as these seem to be Fuji's bread and butter lineups now.

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    I have a Vista Tour from around 2004. It is low launching rebar. Has a chrome finish.
    When I bought it they told me the Vista Pro was mid-launch.

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