Hybrid lie angle and length

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For some reason this never entered my mind ( its scary in there as it is ) but should length and lie angle be the same in Hybrids as fitted irons ? I am getting older and looking at hybrids. At 6'3" my irons are 2 deg upright and 1 inch over standard .


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    There is no "should" other than: The only thing that should matter is the results you get and how well those results fit in with the rest of your bag. And that includes the consistency of impact (longer the playing length, the harder that can be) as well as the distance.

    I personally prefer to shorten them down from the stock lengths - although not quite down to the equiv iron length. Maybe 1/2"-3/4" longer than the equivalent iron. Much better impact consistency and results and I dont' need to go as high with the lofts (already a higher ball hitter) to get the desired distance gaps.

    Also, keep in mind that stock hybrid shaft weights are trending down - which is not always a good thing for tempo and consistency. Most are not going to want a big jump down in shaft weight between the iron shafts and hybrid shafts.

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    i am 49 with a driver around 105mph ss and i have found thru my numerous thinkering that my longest hybrids are usully 41.25" or 41.5" in lenght to be a true 5 wood replacement despite loft.

    below that they all bunch up around 195 yards ish.

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