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These 3 flat sticks. I can putt with all of them. But I only want to keep one. Just curious, but what style would you pick and why? Any experiences with any of these? Only one can survive...

LTD Black w/ Rogue
BioCell 3W w/ Aldila Tour Green ATX65
F9 Speedback 3 Hybrid w/ Atmos
JPX Forged EZ w/ KBS 115’s
 Callaway Wedges
Taylormade Black Spider Tour or Odyssey Black Tour Design #4
...all subject to “adjustment” per WRX societal norms...


  • collindm1collindm1 Members Posts: 79 ✭✭

    I'd go with the SC fastback, easy! Spider just doesn't have the right feel IMO. Haven't hit that odyssey - but nothing beat the feel and look of a Scotty

  • Twin2LTwin2L Members Posts: 69 ✭✭

    It appears that the Fastback is the "tweener' here. It is the mid size, not as rounded as the odyssey and not as square as the spider. Optically, the Fastback gives both. The perpendicular lines of an answer with rounded edges flowing to a back edge parallel to the face. Of the 3, definitely the one I would put in the bag. Acoustically, the Fastback has a nice click which for me would be a component I value.

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    I’d pick the Odyssey since I prefer plumbers necks, but I’ve never hit any of them.

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    The Scotty will retain it’s value more, if the headcover is used.

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  • Golf64Golf64 Go Habs Go! Ontario, CanadaMembers Posts: 7,720 ✭✭

    Another vote for SC.

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    I would go with the SC because I favour long sitelines

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  • MuligansMuligans Members Posts: 24 ✭✭

    +1 on SC. It’s got heft and from the looks, it’s face balance too.

  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area.ClubWRX Posts: 24,320 ClubWRX

    Go buy 2 more putters and choose the best one of the 5.

  • davep043davep043 Members Posts: 3,081 ✭✭

    I'm wondering why we get a vote, we're not putting with it. Keep the one that works best for you, give the other ones away so you don't get tempted to change every other round, and practice.

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  • BB28403BB28403 Members Posts: 3,602 ✭✭

    None are Miura. door closing sound leaving...
    Just kidding, go with the Anser!

  • tatertottatertot Members Posts: 4,383 ✭✭

    If you putt equally well with all 3, and like all 3, sell the 2 with the highest resell value.

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