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I took a quick look at the terms for the following but I could have missed it. I am just an ordinary member and not a paying sponsor. I am allowed to do all or any of the following?

Include a link in a signature that points to my general business website?

Include a link in a signature that points to a specific page of my business website (right now this primarily consists of free educational material [not for sale], but at some future point and depending upon the specific context of any given thread, I suppose it could instead point to a specific product page related to the thread)?

Include a link in the body of a post pointing to one of my own articles that is relevant to the thread, as oftentimes such articles are too lengthy to practically post the content directly?

I fully understand the need for restricting self-promotion, but it seems a certain amount should be reasonably allowable particularly if any new and original relevant material is desired for inquiries.

Thank you very much.



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    None of what you are asking is allowed.

    Promotion of products, services, sites/research is not allowed. Please email management @ golfwrx.com if interested in sponsorship info.

    Before sending me a message for help, please look at the website support section:
    Have a Ad/BST question, first look and post here:
    BST AD Help
    If you have a general help question, post here:
    GolfWRX Website Help Desk
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