Haven't Touched the Clubs in a Couple Years

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Its been 2 years since I last touched my clubs. Actually loaned them to a friend and forgot who had them. Rewind about 4 years ago, I was playing quite a bit and was a 6-7ish handicap. I am 100% self taught. I would like to know what you guys would work on based on the video above. This was toward the end of the first bucket of balls I've hit in years . I forgot how good it feels to strike a ball well. This particular swing was just a fraction out on the toe of my 714 AP2's. This was a 5 iron about 205-210 yards which is just about the same distance I was hitting my irons back when I was playing a bit.

My typical miss from today's bucket of balls, as well as when I was playing a bit, was a block/push straight right. I think I have a tendency to come over the top a hair. When I do miss left, its usually a hard draw that starts on the target line and usually a bit thin. I think I also close the club face down a little early sometimes.


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