Fujukura Atmos - Red vs Orange?

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Last year the Fujukura Atmos Red shaft was standard for Taylor Made drivers. This year its the Atmos Orange. Anyone know the differences or benefits between the two? All Taylor Made says is mid/high launch for both. Thanks.


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    I asked Chad at Fujikura and was told that the fujikura atmos orange is a proprietary shaft made specifically for taylormade. Here is the email back from him.


    That is a proprietary shaft we made for Taylormade. We actually don’t offer that one in our aftermarket line. It is a very good shaft but not something in our catalog.

    I would guess the butt size is .605 - .610, launch is mid to high, spin is mid. It is not a counterbalance shaft so not that similar to the Tensei.



    Chad Embrey
    Sales Manager
    Fujikura Composite America, Inc


    Work in progress and will be updated after St. Andrews!!

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