Favorite sunscreen

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OK now that it is golf season for a majority of us now I wanted to start a discussion about what your favorite sunscreen is. I need to be better about using it this year than in years past.



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    Neutrogena. I like the face stick and their dry sunscreen.

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    Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 30 from the neck up, although I just ordered La Roche-Posay Anthelios Cooling Water Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30 to try. It was rated the best by some organization I can't remember. The Neutrogena is non-greasy, doesn't get in your eyes, and is basically undetectable shortly after applying. Any regular sports sunscreen for the arms and legs.

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    Vanicream Sunscreen Sport

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    I’m looking for the least greasy, best protection SPRAY. I hate rubbing in sun screen or lotion for that matter. Not because of the effort compared to spray (I know there’s not much to that) but I just have a thing about it. Want to spray and be done.

    I used that Neutrogena ultra sheer last year and liked it best that i have tried so far. Wasn’t cheap but who cares. Was the least greasy I could remember

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    I use the Blue Lizard for everything above my shoulders, a wide brimmed hat, and solar sleeves on my arms. I use various sprays on my legs. A lot of the caddies at Pinehurst use the sleeves and big hats. I figured those guys are out in it all day, so it should be good enough for me.

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    Do all of these stand up to the "sweat test" in the hot summer days?

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    On -, @irishmike27 said:

    Vanicream Sunscreen Sport

    This stuff from Amazon. You will never burn. But keep applying it every 80 mins.

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    Blue lizard or my kids’ target brand/up&up kids spf 50 with titanium dioxide & zinc oxide. They’re a little greasy but I’m under the impression those ingredients actually work. I find these less greasy/less thick than thinksport. Also trying to be better about using sun hats & sleeves.

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    for every day Kiehl's w SPF. on the course, Neutrogena Sport Face Oil Free w Zinc Oxide.

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    it works

    when I need a change, there are 12 bags full to choose from .
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    Coppertone sport proseries spray. It's coppertone sport but comes in like a matte finish bottle. Goes on like a matte finish as well. Sweat Proof. Face, arms and legs for this stuff. Usually still smell like coppertone on Mondays after a couple post round showers. Stuff stays on.

    Edit. Had the name wrong and it appears they don't make it anymore. Which sucks. This stuff doesn't come off, dries completely, never greasy...etc. Now I'll have to find something new.

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  • mokedaddymokedaddy  1308WRX Points: 143Members Posts: 1,308 Platinum Tees
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    Any of the Elta md sunscreens. I prefer the sport. Its pricey but second to none.

    Edit: and it’s not greasy.

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    On -, @FLgolfer16 said:

    Yup. This. And definitely not the Walmart version of this that says “compare to...”

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    Another vote for Blue Lizard

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    My favorite was Coppertone Dry Oil Spray SPF4 but Coppertone quit making it. It did not leave any oily residue feeling on you. Have switched to Banana Boat Spray oil now. Leaves more residue on your body.


    I know it says I am from Missouri City TX but I have moved to Weston Lakes TX.

    Tried to change it in my profile 15 times so far, says "saved" but still does not change.

    I give up.

  • lookylookitzadamlookylookitzadam SoCal 614WRX Points: 218Handicap: 2.7Members Posts: 614 Golden Tee
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    Blue Lizard is a legit sunscreen and works wonders! I have never had an issue with it sweating into my eyes. Recently I tried Sun Bum spf70 and that one is really good as well. Played 3 rounds with it in the desert this past Saturday and applied it twice throughout the day with a few touch ups on my neck to be safe and did not even get a bit red (normally I burn badly).

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    Blue Lizard.

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    Blue Lizard won't stain any clothes correct? I hate the stuff I use now, one or two wears and my collars are ruined

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    don’t wear white shirts to often, but the other colors have been fine.

    On -, @golfin8
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    which version of blue lizard do you guys get? regular, active, sport? or is there not really a difference?

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    I have a blue lizard sport & face I think. Don’t notice much difference between them.

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    Switched to Blue Lizard last summer because everything else would tend to leave a yellow stain on the collar of my shirts. Works great, goes on a bit thicker than I like, but it feels like it's probably a bit more effective coverage that way, so I'm not complaining. Holds up to sweat in Oklahoma humidity too.
    For legs/arms I use whatever we have recently bought in bulk, we go through gallons in the summer with a kid that's constantly in a pool.
    I wear Kiehl's with SPF 20 for everyday use, requirement for bald dudes.

  • Carl Spackler3Carl Spackler3  1183WRX Points: 356Members Posts: 1,183 Platinum Tees
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    Copper tone sport, good if you sweat, yes it can get in your eyes and hurts, but I find it works best, blue lizard is great but to thick and messy for golf for me

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    Baby oil and iodine.

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    Small study just out, test subjects using sunscreen showed elevated levels of the products' chemicals in their blood. The effects of that are unknown. I don't find that very comforting. Article mentions that zinc oxide and Ti dioxide don't get into the blood. I think I'll be looking at those. I already wear a goofy hat, so why not wear sunscreen that makes me look funny too. And the Nike sleeve thingies, which I wore once and thought they were okay.

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    On -, @mokedaddy said:

    Any of the Elta md sunscreens. I prefer the sport. Its pricey but second to none.

    Edit: and it’s not greasy.

    This is what I use also. It was recommended in the (numerous) older threads on this same topic so I tried it and switched. It does not stain clothing and doesn't sting the eye's if you sweat. Great stuff (but yes, expensive).

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  • Steezy BSteezy B  6WRX Points: 12Members Posts: 6 Bunkers
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    I'm a big fan of sun bum

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    I’ve been using some Skin So Soft plus that is bug repellent and sunscreen in one.

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    Plain ole Banana Boat 30.

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  • RSinSGRSinSG St George, UT (Formerly Palm Springs, CA) 3342WRX Points: 415Handicap: 7.2ClubWRX Posts: 3,342 ClubWRX
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    I use any of the "Babies" or "Kids" sunscreen that my wife gets for grandkids. They don't sting the eyes which I hate. Feels like OC spray.

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