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Hey All,
Brand new here but come seeking advice! A little context - been playing "seriously" about 2 years. Don't have an official handicap but likely in the 13-15 range.

Biggest flaw in my golf game is consistency off the tee. I've had days where I'll consistently put it out 280-300 and find fairways, and on those days I generally sniff sub 80 rounds. But more often than not i'm hitting low hooks off the tee that dive hard to the left. I know my swing path is too far in to out but I'm having trouble diagnosing exactly where that is coming from. I have a very strong grip that I've been trying to neutralize a tad and it's lead to a few slices on the range which I've NEVER hit before. Obviously slices aren't good, but I view it as progress!

Video - Straight On Slow Mo:

Down the line (my classic hook in this one!):

Never had anyone try and help me with my swing so I'm very curious what you guys notice!



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    Any thoughts?!

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    It is easy to see why you hit low hooks. At impact the face of your driver is severely closed and facing left. The toe is leading and approaching the back / outer quadrant of the ball. This occurs when players attempt to
    “”” HIT WITH THE HANDS “””. And throw the face at the ball—- AND it is obvious from your face- on swing that you began to lose your lever when your arms are about parallel to the ground. That is when you attempted to get the head of the driver to the ball and hit it. All good athletes do that. It is the NATURAL thing to do.
    However —- golf is unnatural and foreign to the Human genetic design. That is why it is SO difficult and so many answers hard to find. We must NOT allow our HANDS to HIT. IT IS THE TURNING OF THE TORSO THAT SQUARES THE FACE AND PROVIDES THE POWER, NOT THE HANDS ! Your intent must be to PULL the heel of the face into the INSIDE QUADRANT of the ball —-not the back. This requires teaching the HANDS to perform a task that is totally foreign and unnatural to their genetic design, which is to roll over , turn down and meet palms together at the center line of our torso. Try coming down sideways leading with the BUTTS of your hands leading the heel into the inside of the ball. This requires you to teach your hands to perform against those powerful Human genetics. Keep you RIGHT PALM UP FACING THE SKY DURING YOUR DS and keep the face back away from the ball as long as possible.
    “” lead with the toe and left it will go, lead with the heel and you will be a big deal “
    Good luck !

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    Good posture and grip. I would turn the hips more in the back swing and turn them sooner in the downswing.

    Like the previous post said, eliminate the need to try and use your hands to turn the club over or square it. It is naturally square from the grip, just let the torso bring the club around etc.

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    This one is in our forum too, check out the hip turn at full bs and then when he releases them on the ds.

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    The biggest issue I see right off the bat is your grip. I'm all for a strong grip but to mine eyes, yours is WAY too strong. You're kind of robbing yourself of distance for one as you wouldn't be able to fully release through the ball without sending it - as you described - diving dead left. Only if your timing is impeccable will that NOT happen but even then you're having to hold back through the ball to avoid completely shutting the face.

    Otherwise, your setup looks great and you start a good turn but your hips never seem to go with it as Jk says. They clear just enough coming through but I know when I hit my miss - a big pull hook - it's always because my hips didn't get out of the way.

    But the first suggestion I'd have is to weaken your grip a bit. Because it's gonna be a rare occasion you arrive at the ball with anything but a closed clubface.

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    I agree. I had a pull hook problem and my coach has me go with a 1.5 2 knuckle grip to help with that. First swing after was amazing.

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    Place your hands together in front of your torso with thumbs facing upward in a prayer position . Rotate those thumbs / hands
    together CW and CCW. You will notice they rotate 180 degrees. You will also notice that your right hand/ thumb will rotate 270 degrees CCW from a palm up position and the left hand / thumb will rotate CW the same degree from a palm up position. This is how the Human is structured and unless you teach your HANDS NOT to roll over , turn down and ruin your shot you will always fight the hook / pull issue and a change in how we HOLD the grip end is going to change the genetic design of the Human.
    Keep the palm of the dominant right HAND facing upward during the entire DS. It is the job of the torso ( the inner circle) to square the club face, not the HANDS. Only path to eliminating the hooks / pulls ! You have to reverse what your genetic design is telling you to do. Nothing about the golf swing is natural. It is unnatural and you have to train your HANDS to perform exactly the opposite as they are designed to.


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    Your grip is beyond out of control strong. I'm not sure it's possible that it be 'strong grip' standards you are well past strong particularly with your lower hand. I don't think you need to weaken your trip a "tad" you need to play with a neutral grip, period. What do you mean you're trying to neutralize it? You're either doing it or you're not, grip is a static component of set up. Put your left thumb on top of the grip label, and your right thumb on the right edge of the label.

    Who told you that your swing path is too far in-to-out? Slicing with an In to out path and a strong grip, even neutralized a tad, does not compute.

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