Cobra One Length F9 Speedback vs the F7 or F8

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Anyone compare these three in graphite ? Enough difference F7 to F9 to warrant the cost ($300/$600/$900) ? thanks


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    I had a set of F7 briefly, graphite shafts and now have the F8s, stock graphite. Like the 8 much better over the 7. I went with the 8 due to a great price drop and bargain EW made since the 9 was due out at any time back then. I’ve looked at the 9 but it doesn’t suit my eye looks wise for some reason. The 8s are an awesome stick. Everything I’ve read keeps saying they’ve improved with each series. Hard telling. I did order extra at a later date the 4, SW, and LW. Cobra even said they’d match all the serial numbers but I didn’t have access to mine at the time. To me, that’s great customer service right there.

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    Cobra rep told me that they feel there is a big improvement from F7-F8. Just a few minor tweaks from F8-F9. I never played the F8s, but I can say it was a big improvement from my f7 to f9 one lengths, and I loved my F7s.

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