Mitsubishi Rayon OT Tour Iron Shaft

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Has anyone ****'d with these? Recoil Smacwrap works pretty well for me, I do have a little more dispersion than I do with Modus105. Ideally looking for similar, or better, performance and control with less weight than Modus 105.



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    If the OT Tour iron shafts play anything like the OT Hybrid shafts, they are solid shafts. Mid-high flight, mid spin, good dispersion and great feel. Buy 1 shaft and have it put in a mid iron.

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    I play them in my Epon 703s. Better than Recoil for me. Club champion has them as a fitting option.

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    Fantastic shafts. I have them in my Epon AF-Tour MB's and 903 driving irons.......and my 208 wedges when I get round to sending them to my builder!

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    ive played a bunch of graphite shafts and the OTi are in my top 4 graphite shafts, my top 2 are MCi Black 110 ( not the gray one ) and Roddio i9

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    I have tried a ton of graphite iron shafts, and my two favorites are the Recoil Prototypes and the OTi Tour shafts. Both seem to feel great and keep up with the swing. I don't see a loss of accuracy between either of these and any of the top steel shafts I have played. It sure helps with my elbow issues though!


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