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For regular Jauce users, I am looking at an auction for 4 clubs in one shipment. Cost is 15,000 yen.
What am I looking at as a total? Rough estimate.
Do you then get stung for customs charges in the UK/US?
I am UK - shipment to US and UK is a similar cost.
Many thanks in advance guys.


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    There are a couple other threads from the past several months that break the costs down, but the rule of thumb from my experience is to add about 25% for fees, plus shipping. In my case (iron set to US) shipping was $90 USD.

    Hope that helps

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    ill name a few fees that I remember
    4% deposit fee to put money in your account
    8% Jauce fee
    8% consumption tax
    shipping charge from seller to Jauce warehouse
    Jauce packing fee
    Shipping fee from Jauce warehouse to final destination.

    Probably missed a few other charges, but as you can see, there are many

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    Jauce, I shot you a PM.

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    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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