Struggling on the greens

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I have a big tendency to not have enough forward press at address with the putter and in some cases and it will almost be leaning backwards and I typically struggle with speed. I just had a putting lesson on SAM lab and my stroke is pretty good, I scored very well on the consistency scale - not surprised as I practice a lot but I'm wondering what you all's thoughts are on either 1) adding forward press at address or 2) adding forward press as a trigger. I'll admit my tempo/trigger is improved when I add it is a trigger but I'm worried about the consistency of how much forward press I add and how that affects my putter face. I'm trying to get the butt end of the putter pointed to around my first pant loop on the left side of my body.

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    Doesn't work for my stroke but if it works for yours...

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    Read Utley's offerings.

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    No idea, and I know you did the SAM thing, but if you are setting up "right" and something else isn't the issue (setup), would there be any sense in which you are trying to add loft because when you forward press something about that has you feeling you are taking too much off given the actual loft on your putter or its design?

    Probably a dumb question, but it occurred to me.

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