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Well it seems the irons were priced too ambitiously from the start and are still available. Price now dropped down to $240. I'm willing to let them go for much less if you come and pick them up from me. I live in 20815.

Paypal only ([email protected]), but the best way to reach me is via PM, as I do not check that email address. Prices include shipping to continental US. All items are OBO. Only trade interest is Callaway Epic Flash Triple Diamond 10.5*. Please PM with all offers, questions, or additional picture requests.

  1. Cobra F9 10.5* head only - used about 15 total rounds. I purchased from seller on here who bought it directly from Cobra, and head came from factory at current weight of 205.0g. Pictures tell the story. $240 $215SOLD

  2. Tensei Pro Orange 70-TX w/ Cobra tip - used about 15 total rounds with the head listed in item 1. I purchased from seller on here who bought it directly from Cobra. Shaft is untipped, and has very fresh Golf Pride VDR undersized grip. Total length is 42.875" as indicated in pictures. $200 $180$160SOLD

  3. Taylormade TP RAC 3-9 and EF Series 47*, with KBS Tour 130X shafts, with BB&F ferrules and Golf Pride Tour Velvet undersized grips. 3 iron is unshafted, and 3 additional ferrules are included. Playing length is 1/4" short of Mizuno standard, and the 7 iron plays at what I believe to be 37.5", but given that playing length can be a bit subjective I've included a picture of the 7 iron aligned with a measuring tape for your own assessment. Irons are 1* flat of Mizuno standard, and the leading edges have been pre-worn. I purchased the heads from a seller on here and added the shafts (previous pulls), ferrules (purchased new), and grips (purchased new). Installation of shafts and grips performed by T100 fitter in Bethesda, MD. I hit each iron a few times and they feel great, I just don't see myself getting to play all that much this year and figured I'd pass them along to someone who'd use them. $375 $340$300$240$190

    Thanks for looking!
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    Some of the best Taylormade Irons ever made!!!

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    soles "pre-worn"....meaning, someone put a grind on them (obviously)?
    Was this to blunt them?...eliminate bounce?...add bounce?
    I guess, basically, what was the goal of doing it and was it successful?

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    With regards to your question on the pre-worn leading edge: I purchased them in their current condition so have no frame of reference with regards to whether or not it worked as intended, however, from what I know (and I could be wrong) people generally grind down leading edges to reduce the iron's tendency to dig, making them best suited for softer playing conditions.
    Hope this helps, but please PM with any other questions.

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    Stupid irons? you may have better luck if you refer to them as "smart irons" i mean who wants stupid irons .. it's like phones everyone wants a smart phone, nobody wants a stupid phone

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