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Public driving ranges Raleigh NC

Recently back in the area. I used to hit balls on the range off Yonkers but unfortunately it’s closed. I know Lonnie Poole has one and Hedingham. Any others that are decent close to downtown? Prefer grass vs. mats, obviously... Thanks!


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    Golf Academy on 70 in Garner, just off I40. Good range with grass, mats, and good balls.

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    401 Par Golf is south of Garner on....Highway 401, as the name might suggest.
    Beyond that and Golf Academy, that's pretty much it. The one on Falls of Neuse closed down. Capitol Tee was the one on Yonkers Rd. I worked there for about 18 months. Jimmy Hamilton owned the range, but didn't own the land. The owner sold the land to the school that currently owns it and he had to close up the range. He may or may not have taken a slight drop in pay, but an exponential drop in stress and headaches. Wil-Mar out towards Knightdale has a pretty good range. It's just slightly farther out than Headingham and owned by a really cool family, not that cod piece Fred Smith who owns Headingham.

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