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I have been having difficulty with putting for the past few years now and I attribute this to a lack of routine or just mindlessly missing simple techniques that can help lower my score. I usually play with my friends and I tend to mess around or not take putting all that seriously when I am on the green - usually trying to the next tee box to see who can hit it the fatherest/straightest. I am starting to take golf more seriously and actually wanting to see how low I can get my score by focusing on all parts of my game. If you have any tips about technique or would like to announce what your routine for putting is please do so, all information on how to lower my strokes on the greens would be greatly apperciated!



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    Lots of youtube videos and everyone is different. Watch the videos and try the tips until you find one that works for you.

    I personally have a problem with a push because when I stand over the ball it looks as if I am aimed right of where I actually am aimed, I'm a lefty. So that causes me to push a lot of putts along the line my eyes see as the correct line. That causes me to miss lots of putts to the left. Today while practicing I put a club down along my feet and concentrated on putting parallel to that club. My putting was much better and consistent. To me it felt and looked like I was pulling my putter but the club confirmed I was parallel.

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    Read the putt as I'm walking onto the green. Go take a peek at the edges of the cup to check the grain. Address the ball, one more look at the hole, then my eyes follow the line from the cup back to the ball and pull I the trigger with no hesitation. No practice swings or waggles or forward press.

    Cruicial part is not hesitating once I'm in position and my eyes return to the ball. When I'm putting bad I notice I'm almost always pausing or freezing before starting the stroke. That never works.

    Only mark the ball if it's in someone's line or there's dirt on it. Never mark the ball after the first putt, continuous putting.

    Never pull the flagstick unless someone in the group insists.

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    Get a lesson with someone who has SAM putting lab. Work on 3-8'(Clock Drill) and longer putts for distance control. Maybe play skins games for a little bit of money with buddies and you'll start to focus more/see how much putting matters..

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    On -, @chinaski said:

    Get a lesson with someone who has SAM putting lab. Work on 3-8'(Clock Drill) and longer putts for distance control. Maybe play skins games for a little bit of money with buddies and you'll start to focus more/see how much putting matters..

    We play a $1 each to everyone in the group for every 3-putt. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s amazing how much it helps your focus.

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    Have you ever tried just rolling balls around the green? I mean rolling them out of your hand, not hitting them with a club. It's amazing how well even complete novices can do this, up to and including "reading" a break and getting a reasonably decent feel for how hard to roll the ball. This exercise is completely technique free, but I think can be quite helpful as putting is the most dependent on feel, and least dependent on mechanics (witness the myriad putting styles that pros use.)

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    I sometimes fall into the trap you describe with not taking it seriously but thankfully only on rounds where - frankly - I'm not taking anything much seriously.
    My routine is:

    • Look at the green all the time I'm walking toward it after hitting my approach to get overall slope information.
    • Move back and forward when behind the ball while looking at the flag to get specific slope information and decide on the starting line.
    • Align the ball to my chosen starting line using writing already on the ball (oddly, a drawn line doesn't work as well).
    • Take a practice swing while looking at the flag.
    • Address the ball and swing making sure not to look up until the ball drops into the hole.

    The latter point has proven critical for me. It improves my accuracy and my speed.

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