G410 SFT, any reviews?

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I have a 410 plus and am not getting along with it. Have had all of the LST’ s and like them, but am fighting a wipe right. I’m a decent golfer, but am wondering if the SFT would be too spinny for me.. I tried my buddy’s SFT 3 wood and it’s like cheating.. is the driver the same?


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    I don't have any personal experience with the G410 SFT but I have been in a same group as a guy that had just been fitted into the new G410 SFT. He used to battle a huge slice, during our round he shot like 10 straight fairway splitter bombs with it. I was so impressed, he has complete trust in it not going right so he released the club really well. Go for it, hitting FW is more important than 400rmp more backspin IMO.

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    very true. im not hitting big slices, just more fade than i want to. i think i will give it a try.

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    @mattjud said:
    very true. im not hitting big slices, just more fade than i want to. i think i will give it a try.

    Did you already move the weights of the 410 to the draw position?

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    @mattjud said:

    Did you increase the loft on the 410 Plus to the big "+" position?

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    I found no difference between the 410 plus in the draw setting and the SFT driver. The SFT looks a bit closed at address but performance wise zip difference.

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    I had the exact same result between the 410 plus and the 410 SFT when the 410 plus had the loft to the ++ setting and the weight in the draw position. My first round was not good but after a bit a play this driver has become a fairway finder and is long off the tee. Haven't hit a Ping driver this well since my K15

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