Shorten putter = more control for you?

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When I grip down on my 34 length putter almost to the bottom of the grip and try to putt, I feel I have more control and seem to make more putts.
Does that indicate my length should be shorter because it feels like I can swing easier too.
Did you find the same when you shortened your putter?
Did you cut your putter to the shorter length and put a new grip on or did you just grip down further on the putter?


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    While a shorter putter may give you more control, make sure it works with your setup so your eyes don't start drifting too far over the ball. That can mess up your alignment without you really knowing what's going on (happened to me and was driving me crazy before I figured out why I couldn't see the line anymore). Also make sure you still bring the putter back either straight or to the inside. A shorter putter can have a tendency to be brought back outside of the line, making you either have to loop the head back or unconsciously having to push putts in order for it to go straight.

    I'm personally a believer in longer putters. While they may feel less stable, I personally prefer that over having the two issues I mentioned above. I also work hard to not feel like I'm controlling the putter too much, but rather get in a setup where I know the head should return back to square if I don't manipulate anything.

    But of course if it's working and you are making more putts, that's all that matters. I would personally chop the shaft off and put a new grip on it. If it feels light, you can always add some lead tape that can be ordered online.

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    I usually cut down and put new grips on, but that's entirely personal preference. If you're putting well gripping down, I wouldn't do anything to change it.

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