Chengdu area golf?

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Not a whole lot of info on courses in the area. Looks like Sichuan International and Woolong are the best options??


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    @chngolfer said:

    Thanks...but pretty useless site. It is packages.

    I just want help playing a couple of courses in the Chengdu area.....seems Luxe and Grand Hills are the best. Just need to now find help booking and getting clubs.

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    Well, I ended up playing at Sichuan International just outside of the Chengdu center - considered one of the top 3 courses. I rented clubs from the course. This is a semi private course with more private than public (due to cost I assume) - I was told that they don't see many non members playing. They operate a little differently for payment. When you get there, you get a wallet with a card embedded to charge whatever you need and for your locker (pretty cool).
    It felt like they were not sure what do with me. Obviously due in part to language; there was no one that really could help me out. The person at the range did not speak english, nor did the starter. So I had to use my translator to try and get my clubs. I ended up treated a little differently it seemed. They took good care of the members, but ignored me a bit.
    Time to play, I ended up getting paired up with 2 other non-members. A great guy from Taiwan and his daughter. He spoke some english, so it was a good. Our 4th was a member. It actually was a good, friendly pairing.
    The course itself is built inside of community of mansions - most abandoned and unfinished. But you do not feel like you are near houses or the bustling city of Chengdu. The course is fairly well taken care of, but not in fantastic shape by any means, if I would have paid this much for a course back home, I would have been really disappointed in the conditions. The design is fairly plain, not much but straight holes with some bunkering. There are some water features, but seldom in play. I would call the course pretty easy. The par 3s were all quite good.
    We each go our own caddie (all dressed in the same uniform). Actually they ended up pretty good. Mine especially. Little different in how the caddies give lines. Apparently in China, if it is a left to right break, they tell you "Left". It took me a couple of holes to understand this...I was getting a little miffed, until I realized his reads were 100% opposite and we got on the same page. After that, his reads were spot on. :) There was a snack shop that we passed on 2 occasions, I used my wallet to get some drinks and refill water...after all it was 85 degrees with 85% humidity! At the end of the round, I tipped and thanked the caddie and headed in for a nice shower. There is no clubhouse restaurant or that was disappointing. Also, the pro shop sells nothing with the log on I didn't buy anything. The caddies all had a logoed hat, which I forgot to buy off the caddies (he said he would).

    All in all, it was a much needed round after a busy work trip, but not sure I would ever play golf on a future trip unless I have a member getting me a discount, it is just too expensive. About $260 for my day on the course, plus I had to pay for transport out there.

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