Scotty Cameron Red X

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SOLD - Scotty Cameron Red X in great shape. Put on a new Super Stroke grip last season. $160 to your door.

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    The putter is 34" but with the addition of the Super Stroke, it adds 2 more inches.

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    Wait why would the grip add 2”??? Is it not installed all the way onto the shaft?

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    I guess so... not sure. Isn't the bottom of the putter stating that it's 34"? or am I reading that wrong? When I measured it, it measured 36"... I guess I could be measuring it wrong lol

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    It may have an extension under the grip? Did you put the grip on yourself?

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    No, I had it professionally put on

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    I have a similar one here but it measures 33" exactly from the end of the grip to the top of the putter head. Pictures can be seen on this post - Link

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