If the rules of golf were changed overnight...

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...and players were allowed to carry 15 clubs, which club would you add to your set?


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    I'm not sure. Maybe pull a Phil and put in two drivers.

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    What ever ball Costco has LOL
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    Two sided chipper.

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    @GhostMarkedIt said:
    ...and players were allowed to carry 15 clubs, which club would you add to your set?

    You might want to ask the moderators to move this thread - this the sub-forum for golf balls.

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    I only carry 12 clubs now. Got plenty more in the closet but they all duplicate functions I already handle with my set of 12.

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    Forget the additional club, make everything lateral and divots ground under repair (which they really are if filled with sand or replaced)!

  • SNIPERBBBSNIPERBBB Hit Ball Hard SE OhioMembers Posts: 2,496 ✭✭

    Longer courses, id probably add a hybrid for the rough. Short courses id probably go to a 4 wedge setup instead of my 3 wedge(PW dont count)

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    I'd probably add a 5 wood.

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  • RSinSGRSinSG ClubWRX Posts: 3,144 ClubWRX

    I have a 17* hybrid that I took out when I got a 5 wood. Every once in a while I wish I still had it, but I get more use from the 5 wood.

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    Can a mod move this thread to a more suitable place? Thank you.

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    It depends on the track I'm playing, but most likely adding an extra hybrid (on courses with narrow fairways) or a 60* wedge on shorter ones.

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