This is what scratch golf sounds like

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Went to Seattle for work. Thought I would take the clubs. Been playing some of the best golf of my life. Got to the hotel and looked up some nearby courses. Settled on Jackson Park and gave them a call. When I booked the tee time I mentioned it would be great if I could get into a money game. The gal laughed and said sure.

Got to the course a little early and got in a great warm up. I was on, it was a great session. Was on the first tee looking around when this dude just walks up, looks me right in the eye and says "how about a grand". He was mid 20's. Stuck his tee in the ground and ripped a driver well over 300 down the middle. This is going to sound crazy but he did not tee up at the markers, he was as far back as you could be. I was so confused as to what was happening I just said ok. As I teed my ball, he just stared me in the eyes. Hit a nice drive and we were off.

Now this first hole is a par 5. I take a 4 iron and land it short of the green. I drive up to this guys ball and introduce myself. He said he was not interested in my name and was there to play golf. He takes what looks like a 8 iron and hits this high booming draw into a back left pin. The sound it made off the club was like nothing I had ever heard. After the shot he looked me square in the eyes and said "that is what scratch golf sounds like".

By the 5th hole we had spectators. The sound of his irons drew them in like the Pied Piper. I was hanging in there but deep down I knew I could not compete. I heard him mumble a few times about how it took Tiger until he was 15 to beat his dad. After driving the green on 10 with his 4 iron he looked at the gallery and said "let's see Phil do that".

Countless times I would give him a putt and instead of taking it, he would stare at me while he putted it into the hole. This was a special man, a man you only meet once in your lifetime. I have played with a lot of insanely good golfers but this was a man of legend.

Lots of things happened between the 10th and 18th hole. He hit a squirrel with his tee shot but brought it back to life with the touch of his pitching wedge. He hit a 260 yard 3i out of some deep rough 30 yards over the green but spun it back to 5'. Several times he would hit into the group ahead of us but said "don't worry, they are like 20 cappers".

When the dust had settled I opened my wallet. I could not even form words to speak. He grabbed my trembling hands, took my wallet and hugged me. As we hugged he put my wallet into my back pocket. All I could muster was "please...just...tell me your name...". "You and the rest of the world will know soon enough" he said. As he walked off the course I looked at the people watching. "We don't know who he is either so we just call him Scott Jones".

If you are ever in the seattle area, DO NOT ask for a money game. Time for me to take up knitting.

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