Tour Striker Planemate

BDowningBDowning Members Posts: 169 ✭✭

Has anyone gave this training tool a try? Looks like it works and I'm in the market for a potential purchase, but want to find some reviews on it first.


  • jgard320jgard320 ClubWRX Posts: 394 ClubWRX

    Still hasn’t shipped out the preorders yet. Saw a post on IG suggesting possibly next week.

  • phillyspecialphillyspecial Members Posts: 494 ✭✭

    Got mine today. As a guy who has been chasing shallowing the club properly going on 5 years w minimal success , I’ll try anything. To start, I finally felt what it was like to get proper width and rotation in a 9-3 drill. Also felt what it was like to resist with width to avoid my killer arm overrun. The relax and shallow move will take time. That did not click instantly. Relaxing the band did for sure but was difficult to rotate and hit it properly from there. But day 1. Very cool from a feel perspective using the resistance bands. Adds another dimension and I can see this having a **** of a lot more use than nearly any other training aid device I’ve used in my golf life.

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