Srixon 585/U85 Combo

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Received my combo set of 4-6 U85 and 7-P 585 irons from Srixon. I’m an ex college golfer who has as good of chance to shoot 80 as I do 68 these days. Looking to find more greens as I can’t rely on my short game as much anymore. The top line on both these irons is fantastic it keeps my ego intact while I’m over the ball as it is just about the same as my MP-57’s I’m switching from. I’ll get a couple rounds in and post an up date but first range session was awesome. Could still work them both ways just so much more forgiving than what I’m used to. The stronger lofts helped me get a flatter flight for sure which I’m all
in on. First feel I’d say this set is a game changer for me. Ounce I got over the chunkiness on the soles which was pretty quick I started to fall in love. Stay tuned.


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    @GandGolf so what’s the word on the combo set?

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    Thanks for reminding me to follow up. I’m all in on this combo set. My GIR stat has improved tremendously which was the main goal when going with such a big change towards the game improvement style iron. I think obviously the irons flying a tremendous amount further due to stronger lofts and new technology is one factor however the forgiveness especially in the U85 long irons is insane. I the U85 irons strengthened by two degrees at my local shop which helped with the gapping. This needs to be done as the 7 iron in the 585 set is to close in loft initially to the 6 iron U85. I have lost some workability however not enough to make me complain on the course. I can still hold them against the wind or work something in to a tucked pin if I want to. My one concern was that the irons would fly extremely high for me as I have always hit a very high ball, but this is not the case. Just a very normal ball flight. Lastly this is my first go with the Modus shafts. I have the 120 Stiff shafts in these. I’m a huge fan. I think over all this iron would be a great fit for someone like me who
    Is a decent player but ball striking with irons is a weakness or a higher handicapper with good club head speed. They do spin noticeably less than other irons I tried and it shows on the course. I was looking for that but it may not benefit a lot of folks.

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