New TaylorMade wedges - July 2019

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    I kind of like it....and I kind of dont

    it looks like some sort of insert behind the cavity maybe for feel...a la PING Glide?

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    No idea how they perform but they look ugly as heck to me. A simple upgrade with some tweaks tot he grind and finish of the original MG wedge would have been a much better play. These wedges have 3 separate finishes (raw face, satin body, shiny back flange) in a single club

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    Poor golf ball....

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    Shape at address looks darn near perfect. The cavity however...different story. Looks to be a small urethane (or something similar) insert likely for feel.

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    Does it remind anyone else of the Cleveland RTX4's...??

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    Not sure about the look of the back, but looks solid at address. Will be interested in the details/description that comes out to talk about the features etc. I look forward to more info, and to see in person and give them a swing.

    To me though, at the end of the day... It'll probably be hard for anything to move me from Vokey... especially when prices are pretty much equal.

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    Love the shape of these. Looks like a thin profile too, major + for me

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    So only the face is going to rust?


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    I prefer the entire head to be raw finish (with paintfill is fine).

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    Shape at address looks great. The different finishes is off putting. Just wish Oems would keep designs more simplified and less markings.


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    A little busy for me but, you can always get them stripped of their coatings. It’s not hard

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    I like them. My Hi-Toes are on notice. Having the face only be raw is a great idea, kudos to TM for thinking outside the box. Shape looks great to my eye. Cavity reminds me of the Ping MB wedge. Curious what the stock shaft will be - Hi-Rev 2.0 120? Unlike Vokey good to see TM trying to do innovative things with their wedges.

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    I'm intrigued and can't wait to learn more.

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    They look very good at playing position and almost identical to the original MG. Looking forward to hearing more about the new face and the material on the back. Has to be a CG thing.

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    They look great at address, the raw face is a unique idea. I like it.

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    TM, gettin' back to the ugly.

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    I like the shape at address. I'll be interested to hear what the face bit is all about. Also wish they'd stop chroming wedges... I hate a shiny wedge, anywhere on it.

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    top line looks like you could shave with it...


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    Why so ugly?

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    Awesome. Really like the shape I see and the bounce numbers work. Everything passes the eye test

    Definitely looking at a 56-60 pairing


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    The more I look at them, the more I like them. Look at address is the best of any large OEM, IMO. Raw face should be interesting.


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    Love the heel relief of these for sure...

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    A solid shank compared to the present milled grinds

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    At address : gorgeous
    In the bag: They look like a boxed set wedge bruh.


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    The face looks like the Mack Daddy 2 as far as the stuff between the grooves.

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    The insert is SpinFoam, makes these wedges 33% Spinz-ier.

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    Very interesting looking, not in the best way

    Love the raw face idea though, and love the look at address

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    On -, @MakersMarsh3 said:

    Very interesting looking, not in the best way

    Love the raw face idea though, and love the look at address


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    I am not a TM fan but have to say I like the look of these for some reason

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