So you own more than one iron set...



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    I tend to hang on to sets for some reason. Currently my old set of Eye 2s and just sod another of the same.
    Wilson Reflexes
    Tirkeist 716 Ap1s are my current gamers.
    Hogan Apex Edge Pros which I just pulled the shafts in. Just picked up a set of Nike VR Pro Combos which the shafts will get pulled and put in the Hogans.

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    Do you have one coat, do you have one pair of shoes, do you have one car?

    Some folks say yes, some folks say no. I have multiple of everything above to address different seasons. climates, etc

    Same with my irons, I have 3 sets that although are all "me", are also catered to my different "seasons"

    Set 1-Srixon Z585/Z785 Combo. For when it's winter, you just went through the holidays, the "flaws" are showing,..even through your shirt eek. In this case throwing on the large coat will hide some flaws.

    Set 2-Bstone J15CB-The fall/spring set. Always a great time of year, not too hot, not too cold.. Some great days, some not so great days, for the most part you may not know what you expect. But over all you can never really complain, worse case scenario throw on the wind breaker and keep it moving.

    Set 3-Srixon Z745/945 Combo-The summer set. When you are feeling at your peak, firing on all cylinders, and need something precise to combat the heat. Even with a few of those random "cold" summer days , you can still get away with shorts and show off those rippled calves, needed to hit straight bombs.

  • ralph11ralph11  42WRX Points: 39Handicap: 6Members Posts: 42 Bunkers
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    1965 Wilson Staffs used in High School (mid 1960's)
    1995 Ping Eye 2 beryllium copper
    1997 Daiwa Hi Trac-- these were the first of what I would call GI for me, very strong irons, graphite shafts
    2018 Titleist AP3
    2018 Callaway Rogue pro, coppers
    2017 Seven forged, from Japan
    2017 XXIO prime irons---large shovels, fabulous irons
    2018 Miura MC-501 copper
    2018 Srixon Z565
    2018 Kyoei blades
    2018 Masda blades
    2018 Srixon Z765-- the Srixon irons are easy to hit solidly, and have great distance.
    2017 Phyz 3-- from Bridgestone, similar to XXIO's, very long.

    I have a similar behavioral pathology with guitars, amplifiers, and guitar effects.

  • McgeenoMcgeeno  2165WRX Points: 291Handicap: 1.9Members Posts: 2,165 Platinum Tees
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    Mine is a backup/travel set.

    I have told my story before but I had a set of clubs stolen the night before a tournament.

    I’m comfortable enough financially that I won’t let that burn me again.

  • North ButteNorth Butte  11741WRX Points: 1,541Members Posts: 11,741 Titanium Tees
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    I have a total of 15 clubs in my "real set" that I use every week. Duplicate at the 4 slot with both a 4-hybrid and 4-iron. But I usually carry 12 or 13 clubs total since I don't really need the 3-wood or 5-iron at my home course.

    The only other irons I have are some Ping Eye2 BeCu classics. I've got 3-LW although I hate the Eye2 LW and never use it. I do pull them out for 9 holes a few times a year and I also take them when we go to the beach for a few days, there's a very short and fairly easy course there that's fun to play just teeing off with a 3-iron. But mostly I just own those because they're cool relics of a (recently) past age!

    “1lb beefstak, with
    1pt bitter beer
    every 6 hours.
    1 ten-mile walk every morning.
    1 bed at 11 sharp every night.
    And don't stuff your head with things you don't understand.” 
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    I own a vintage set and a modern set.
    Ive got a set of persimmon woods, Hogan Apex irons, Wilson Staff Model blade sand wedge and an old hickory shafted blade putter in a vintage Hogan bag.
    Its fun to get out the vintage set from time to time because the way you play a course is completely different and its just fun to play clubs that are over 50 years old.

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  • rwc356rwc356 Chicago, Illinois 404WRX Points: 137Handicap: 12Members Posts: 404 Greens
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    3 sets of hickory irons (Tom Stewart, Wilson, Tad Moore)
    4 sets vintage (Hogan Medallions, Hogan Apex BH Grind, Ping Eye2+, Ping i3 Blade)
    1 set modern (Ping i20)

    No wonder my study is so crowded!

    Just an older guy with 7 or 8 clubs and a MacKenzie Sunday Walker bag
  • jackbauerjackbauer Russian prison 341WRX Points: 151Handicap: 2.4Members Posts: 341 Greens
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    MP-53s are currently in the bag. I also have a set of MP-57s with identical specs but need to regrip them with Tour Velvet Plus4s.

    My third set is NIP MP-53s, likely one of the last new lefty sets remaining. No intention of ever selling any of the three.

    If the rumors about the MP-20s are true I'll get a combo set of those. Zero interest in buying irons otherwise.

    TaylorMade M2 2016 (9.75) Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 S
    Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816 (14), Adams Tight Lies 2 (19) Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7 S
    Mizuno MP-53 (3-PW, 20-48) KBS Tour 120
    Titleist Vokey SM7 S Grind (53.09, 59.11) KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 125
    Edel McKenzie (34)
  • chisagchisag Chicago Suburbs 3198WRX Points: 521Handicap: +0.3Members Posts: 3,198 Titanium Tees
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    ... Having played Amp Forged, Fly Z+ and now Forged Tours I will hang onto the Forged Tours because they just have a special place in my heart. My gamers were P790's but playing hard fast greens in Phoenix, I found the lower spin was a disadvantage as opposed to the advantage lower spin offers in typically soft Midwest conditions. But I really loved the 790's so I picked up a set of P760's that gave me the best of Forged Tours and 790's. I will sell the 790's though.

    ... Then I have a set of 588TT's that would bring very little money but they are in mint condition and I can see me playing them again in the future. And finally a set of Lynx MC LXi forged CB's that are just awesome irons, although a slightly larger head size than I like, but again would bring next to nothing if sold so I will be hanging onto those too.

    Cobra F9 Tour Length ... Tensei Orange 65s
    Cobra F9 15.5* ... Atmos Blue TS 75s
    Cobra F8 18.5* ... Even Flow Blue 75s
    TaylorMade GAPR Mid ... KBS 80Hys
    TaylorMade UDi 18* TP 2 iron... Kuro Kage Black 90Hys
    4-pw TaylorMade P790/760 ... Steelfiber 95's/Recoil Prototype 95's
    SM6 52* F Grind /SM7 D Grind 58* ... Recoil 110s
    Bobby Grace 6330 ... 33.5"
  • boggymanboggyman  2848WRX Points: 294Members Posts: 2,848 Titanium Tees
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    W/S FG 17s 3-p..... my all time favorite iron
    W/S Progressives 3-p 2.8 Firestick in like new condition
    W/S FG 51...5 iron missing, s300
    Callaway XRs , stock steel
    Cleveland HB Launchers with Px 5.0 steel, which are currently in the bag.

  • avguyavguy Replacement Player Sonoran Desert, AZ 1112WRX Points: 139Members Posts: 1,112 Platinum Tees
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    Four Sets, wish it was back down to three :( Too much ho in me lately as I wanted to try some new tech having played 1-pc. forged MBs since 2008.
    TM P790 with KBS CTL 110S
    TM M5 with Modus 3 105S
    Honma TW 727 M with Modus 3 125R
    Callaway Razr MB with PX 5.0F
    The latter two sound/feel best. I may have to reshaft the P790 as KBS shafts are living up to their rep as an elbow killer....never had golfer's or tennis elbow in the rear arm b4 these! Could get Recoils 110 F4 again for those - worked well in Mizunos past.

    BAG ONE:                                                                                                                     BAG TWO:
    D-Titleist 917 D2                                                                                                              D-Cobra F9 Tour Length 
    5- Mizuno MP titanium                                                                                                    3-TM R11ti
    H-Titleist 915 H1 18, Titleist 816  H1 21, Bridgestone Precept ECU 25                           H-TM 2.0 SF 18 & 21, Cobra AC 25
    I - Callaway R MBs  5-PW                                                                                                I - Honma TW727M 5-PW 
    W- Mizuno 52, Vokey SM6 58                                                                                        W- Mizuno 53, & 58
    P- Bellum Winmore Midi  787                                                                                         P-Guerin TS Black 370

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  • MacgregorFanMacgregorFan  56WRX Points: 48Members Posts: 56 Bunkers
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    Golf had been such a big part in my life, I wanted to wall mount my clubs in cases in a home office, but I realized I had way too many sets. Now, it's just "stuff"....just too much stuff. I'm getting rid of them all except for my current set.
    Done bein a Golf Ho!

    1963 MacGregor MT Tourney (my first set) 2-PW SOLD
    MacGregor VIP 1-PW
    Wilson Staff 1-PW
    Wilson Staff FG-17 1-PW
    Titleist Tour Model 2-PW SOLD
    Hogan PC 1-PW
    Daiwa Advisor DG8201 3-PW SOLD
    TaylorMade Burner bubble 2-PW SOLD
    TaylorMade Burner Bubble Tour 2-PW SOLD
    Titleist 962b 1-PW SOLD (have 1 and 2 irons still)
    Titleist 680 2-PW CURRENT SET
    Titleist 710MB 3-PW SOLD
    I know I'm missing a set or two from this list.

  • Jetierney13Jetierney13  76WRX Points: 31Members Posts: 76 Fairways
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    I game P750's and have P790's as my guest set for when my dad or brother-in-law is in town.

  • OknowsOknows  1192WRX Points: 104Members Posts: 1,192 Platinum Tees
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    Just picked up a set of MP 53s as a “back-up” set. Don’t really need a back-up set, but the price was right and I’ve been eyeing a set of 53s for a while now.

    Ping G400 Max 9* w/ Diamana W 70x
    Ping G 3 wood @ 16.5 w/ Tour 80
    Mizuno MP 18 MMC w/ Nippon Modus 120
    Cleveland CBX 2.0 54* w/ DG TI s400
    Cleveland RTX 4 xlow 58* w/ DG TI s400
    SC Circa 62 #3
  • FreezeFreeze  108WRX Points: 78Members Posts: 108 Fairways
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    Let's see...
    MP-14 3-PW
    Ping Eye 2 +no+ 3-LW
    Epon AF302 3-PW
    Epon AFTour 5-PW
    PXG Gen 1's 4-PW
    Tourstage Z101 2-PW
    Tourstage VIQ 2012 4-PW
    4 sets of TourStage 2005/6 VIQ's (and another set on the way from Rakuten); obviously my favorite irons.
    some are in FL, some are in PA, most of them are here with me in TX
    I may be forgetting some...

  • Nixhex524Nixhex524  4608WRX Points: 435Handicap: 2.5ClubWRX Posts: 4,608 ClubWRX
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    Had 5 at one point, down to 2, J15 CB and Z745s. BUT, I am about ready to let go of the 745s. They are great but the J15s have been the GOAT for me. I have been sticking with them and scoring better, too. Having multiple sets has made it tough to not switch back and forth but I want to get better and sticking with one set has helped me improve my scoring drastically...

    Ping G410 LST 9* Tensei orange 60x
    Ping G400 14.5 Tour 75s
    Mizuno MP H4 3i Aldila NVS HYB 85s
    Bridgestone J15 CB X100 AMT SS1x 4-P
    Titleist Vokey SM5 50.12, SM6 58.12
    Lajosi DD201 chocolate copper 34"

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  • phil gphil g  43WRX Points: 37Handicap: 20Members Posts: 43 Bunkers
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    Definitely don’t belong here. Only have two sets. Titleist 714 ap2’s and og DCI blacks ( refinished). I pull out the dci’s when the ap2’s need a time out

  • Carl Spackler3Carl Spackler3  1183WRX Points: 356Members Posts: 1,183 Platinum Tees
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    Jpx900 Hot Metal
    Cobra Amps
    Bag of odd ball wedges putters drivers, fairways, hybrids And a bunch of 3 and 4 irons that never leave the garage

    Titleist 915 D2
    Ping G 3 W
    Ping G 5W
    Ping G25 Hybrid
    Mizuno JPX 900 hot metal 5-GW
    Vokey 52-08 sm4
    Vokey 56-14 sm6
    Odyssey White Hot RX2 ( but it better be careful)
  • joshfisherjoshfisher Green Bay 1595WRX Points: 109Members Posts: 1,595 Platinum Tees
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    Apex pro dots
    Hogan Ft worth black
    718 cb mb
    2013 x forged (2 sets)
    Razr mb
    716 cb
    I think i should start selling some ;)

  • Lancj1Lancj1  930WRX Points: 93Handicap: 18Members Posts: 930 Golden Tee
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  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank  14984WRX Points: 996ClubWRX Posts: 14,984 ClubWRX
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    I’ve been an up and down (maybe binge and purge is a better description) “ho” over the years, but now trying (hopefully for the the last time) to purge again.

    Four sets. In the bag are JPX 900 Forged. On the BST right now are my Cobra Pro Forged Mb/CB combo (really hate to sell these, still the best looking irons I’ve owned) and my Ping Eye2 BC. Once they’re gone and the season is close to done I’ll probably sell the Mizunos also. Since it’s likely my playing will be much less I’ll just keep my old set of 07 X Forged. Probably ditch the modern drivers too. I might keep a couple of putters

    Titleist 910 8.5
    Titleist 910 15*
    Titleist 910H 17*
    2-6 Mizuno MP-60, 7-PW MP-67
    SC GoLo
    Vokey SM5 52,58,62
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  • bodhi555bodhi555  931WRX Points: 298Handicap: 8Members Posts: 931 Golden Tee
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    Currently got 3 sets.

    The gamers - my VR Pros. My thoughts on these are well known so I will save you too much detail, but it would take a lot for these to get kicked out. Like "a set of P7 TWs for £200" a lot.

    The backup set - my old OG Nike Blades. Probably superfluous with the VR Pros, they spend most of the time in my man cave, looking pretty. Very tempted to get them refurbished and put on display somewhere. Had too many memorable rounds featuring memorable shots to let them go.

    The cavities - got a set of Yonex Rekin Super 10 Tour Forged in my locker for when I don't feel like hitting a blade. They've been used once in 10 years....

    The Dee Three: Titleist 917 D3 9.5 degree - Aldila Rogue Max 65X
    The Stenson: Titleist 917 F3 15 degree - Aldila Rogue Max 75X
    The Walking Stick: Titleist 818 H2 19 degree - Aldila Rogue Max 85X
    The Blades: Nike VR Pro 4i - PW - DG S400 TI Shaft
    The Rusties: Nike Engage 50, 54 Square Sole, 58 Toe Sweep
    The Putter: Nike "The Oven" Method 003
    Balls: Nike RZN Tour Black/Platinum, Bridgestone Tour B XS, Titleist AVX
    Bag: Sun Mountain Four Five

  • DMartiniDMartini at home on the range 98WRX Points: 54Members Posts: 98 Fairways
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    1/ have Apex Pro 16 in practice bag, dont see that changing ever as i think the world of those sticks.
    2/ also have my old #1's - Apex CF16 4-AW that i had the stock TT XP95 R300s pulled & AMT Black S300 put in (using as a trade in on Apex Pro 19 very soon).
    3/ a back up set of Apex CF16 5-AW that still have the XP95s in them, dont see me moving them on ever either, the CF16 Apex is going to be a future classic in a few years is my sound logic for this.
    4/ plus a combo set of XR Steelhead & standard XRs for guests, for when i want to know how it feels to swing a Caterpillar D3 bulldozer.


  • dan360dan360 loisible  5475WRX Points: 383Members Posts: 5,475 Titanium Tees
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    This time last year my ho hoard would've filled the comment box but currently:
    In The Bag: Adams CB3 4-G
    On Deck: Miura Baby Blades 3-PW

    Silly Season: custom single length MP-33s 3-PW
    Sentimental Hoard: Snakes Eyes MB1 'Smith & Wesson Forged' 3-SW

    Callaway Epic Flash SZ 9° HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g
    Callaway Epic Flash SZ 15° HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g
    Callaway Apex '19 3H HZRDUS Handcrafted HYB 85g
    PXG 0211 4-G Modus 105  ...or...  Miura Baby Blades 3-P Steelfiber 110cw
    Callaway PM Grind '19 54/60/64 KBS garbage
    PING Anser 2 Jim Wells 36"

    Outlaw Golf Association #21
  • gwelfgulfergwelfgulfer Onterible 380WRX Points: 240Handicap: 5-25Members Posts: 380 Greens
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    I only have like 5-6 sets currently (some heads only waiting for me to rebuild), but I have 4 sets of all 1 OEM offerings of older gear I've liked through the years (Titleist example: 983K, 980F 3/5, 660 3-P, 254/260 wedges and Tei3 NP2). I'll likely pick up a few more sets over the winter, cause, why not...


    Titleist Canada Day Bag:
    Driver - Ping G400 9* w/ Diamana B 70X
    Woods - Titleist 917F2 16.5* w/ Fuji Pro 73X TS
    Hybrids - Titleist 816H2 21* w/ Speeder 8.8X
    Irons - TM 790 UDI 2i w/ DG 120 X100, 750/770 4-PW w/ DG TI S400
    Wedges - Vokey SM7 52F/58S w/ DG TI S400
    Putter - Yes! Abbie Forged 33" (with a pile of lead tape)

  • BunkerratBunkerrat  18WRX Points: 21Members Posts: 18 Bunkers
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    In the bag is a full set of tiger shark great whites. Backups are to burner pluses. That's it. I am bidding on a set of tm rac ht's though so I hope that works out. I just don't like irons with plastic on em and I'm not good enough to play blades.

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  • JStangJStang  2727WRX Points: 307Handicap: 7.1Members Posts: 2,727 Titanium Tees
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    I have a really clean set of Nike VR Pro Combo's in my garage as a backup set. I have played really well with them this year the couple of times I brought them out. I should probably game them more often if not full time.

    '16 M2 Rogue Fairway | 915H 2 | T-MB 3, T100 4-PW | Vokey SM6 52, SM7 58 | Byron Morgan DH89 LN
  • rondre3000rondre3000  339WRX Points: 96Members Posts: 339 Greens
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    My primary set goes out on "planned" rounds (weekends, vacations, etc) but I came into another set recently (6-PW), at a pretty smoking deal, that I decided to keep in a Sunday bag and tote between both cars for impromptu "after work 9's" or when I'd rather carry and don't want a full/heavy bag.
    Both sets of irons are comparable in loft/lie/swingweights + shafts (JPX919 Forged/Combo set vs HMPros) so there is next to no adjustment needed when going from one bag to the other.

  • ian-500ian-500  1054WRX Points: 286Handicap: 12Members Posts: 1,054 Platinum Tees
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    On -, @Bigmean said:

    God it is embarrassing.....I hoed a bunch, then got down to 2-3 sets, now I am at 5 and here is the how and why.

    Mp14s, had since college, can't get what they are worth to me, have no desire to lose them even though I don't use them. Made them raw and with graphite for fun.

    Miura small blades. These see 70% of the action. They are my trusty old show that I have the most best rounds with in last 5 years and most confidence in.

    Onoff shingo cbs. In effort to find a CB set, I got these for a song, they look weird, but feel good and are forgiving as all getout. They are not my CB answer but they are intriguing with recoil proto 110s.

    Onoff MB Miura forged. I stole them, then proceeded to strip and copper plate them, then put in attas 10s shafts. I put too much into them but they are beautiful and functional. Like a bigger small blade. This is my roadster set.

    And I just bought Miura 1957 CB heads...doh. I was at a Edwin Watts's that had them so I hit them...mistake. I keep chasing the DCI 962s I had, these really had that vibe to me in terms of very CB but not very not CB and a squarish toe! These hopefully are my CB answer, so when I had a shot at heads for $400 on ebay, and having the roddio i10 shafts in my garage I am too scared to put on my small blades, I just bought them. Shafting up over next couple of weeks.

    I really don't like having a lot of sets, I like 1 me and one CB set, and I rotate them out like having two starting pitchers. For me it is mental. If I haven't played in a while I grab the cbs, if I am playing good with either hot hand stays until not hot 2 rounds in a row sorta thing. I don't like having more than 2 sets to think about grabbing, yet here I am, on WRX with 5 sets.....reality is that hopefully the Miuras and the novelty blade sets for fun. I think you can switch iron sets with ok results in long term scoring, but you MUST have 2 sets that feel like home to you, easier said than found.

    Ok, so I'm gonna need pics of both OnOff sets.......pretty please.

    DR: Taylormade Original One 11.5° + Tour AD DI 8x.
    FW: in the making.
    HY: Callaway Apex19 4h 23° + Tour AD IZ 95x.
    Irons: Taylormade R9 Forged 5i-PW + Quadra 100i Pro x.
    Wedges: in the making.
    SeeMore SB1, Accra FX300.
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  • JBent9610JBent9610  440WRX Points: 127Members Posts: 440 Greens
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    On -, @mxskier said:

    What do you do with them? Swap them regularly?

    I swap mine quite often. I was changing my bag every two rounds for the past couple of years, but I've slowed down this year. I'm going about 5-6 rounds before changing my irons. My favorites are the TE EX-1, so it's harder to take them out of the bag for another set. I've been playing them for the last 8 rounds. Before that, I had the Rapture J-spec in the bag for about 2 rounds, TFT2003 for 5 rounds, and XL2000 for 3 rounds. I have yet to play X-20's or the GC Mids this year and the GC Mids are my favorite feeling iron, by far, in my rotation.

    Fast 12LS/Classic Custom XL/King LTD
    Super LS/Tisi Tec/F6 Baffler/Egg Spoon/CB1
    X-20/XL2000/EX-1/GC Mid/TFT2003
    ISI W2
    X-Forged Vintage/Eye2+
    WHT 7H

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