Getting into tournament golf as an adult amateur?

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anyone have inspiring stories or general tips they could share for getting into tournament golf as an adult amateur?

next year i'd like to enter some local tourneys and in the meantime i'd enjoy reading about others who've gone from casual duffer to competitive golfer.



any hunch or conviction i share today may very well be disproven or overturned tomorrow, and i welcome that. i'm simply here to learn with others, even if my enthusiasm for golf occasionally masquerades as knowledge. after all, the more i learn the less i know.



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    Do it. You will be better for the experience.

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    Making this leap this summer as well. Looking forward to it even though I’m nervous as **** about it.

  • Ewood808Ewood808 Members  21WRX Points: 66Handicap: 2Posts: 21 Bunkers
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    I’m on my third summer of playing 2 amateur tournaments per year. As a 2.1 index I’m far from competing for 1st, but I’ve met some really cool guys and have enjoyed every good and bad shot. My first competitive round I had a tough time placing the ball on the tee I was so nervous. Then you realize it’s just a round of golf. Biggest thing for me was remembering what the actual rules of golf are. Like what were your options for an unplayable ball etc. Pick a tournament, sign up and go enjoy yourself!

  • NatsFan2013NatsFan2013 Southeast MichiganMembers  68WRX Points: 44Posts: 68 Bunkers
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    I am getting back into it after about 8 years of little golf and growing a family. My first tourney back will be a state Mid-Am. I am beyond excited. To be playing when it counts is what it is all about. Good luck and enjoy the ride. Let us know how it goes.

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    i started my foray into competitive golf at the age of 29...i'm 33 now. the more and more you play the more and more comfortable you get with the conditions and the environment. go for it!


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    Go for it. It's a whole different kind of golf that 98% of people will never experience. Just keep your expectations in check, try to have fun, and learn!

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  • Johnny BiarritzJohnny Biarritz Members  536WRX Points: 109Handicap: 2Posts: 536 Golden Tee
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    It all depends where you live. Most Golf Associations (Carolinas Golf Assn, Virginia State, Met, GAP, etc) have one day tournaments that are something of a cross between a tournament and a casual round. Just a chance to play a new course, hit some shots that matter, and have some fun. Most of these also have four-ball (partners) events that are one-day events. Those further reduce the stress of play. If you find that fun, can always move up to state championship qualifying (State Am, Mid Am, Public Links in the few places where that's still a thing, and so forth).

  • DaddyCaddieIUDaddyCaddieIU Members  83WRX Points: 36Posts: 83 Fairways
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    Good luck

  • tbsbamatbsbama Members  71WRX Points: 37Posts: 71 Bunkers
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    I took this road about 9 years ago at age 41. Started playing on the Golfweek Am tour and now have moved onto the Golfweek Senior Tour. Also play some state tourneys. My experience has been great, love the competition and it has improved my game tremendously. One day tournaments except for 4 major 2 days. As long as you are competing against golfers of your own skill level I think you will enjoy it. Good luck.

  • RJ_MJ_JJRJ_MJ_JJ Members  116WRX Points: 97Handicap: between my earsPosts: 116 Fairways
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    I just registered for the Washington State Am qualifier as a 34 yo. I used to play competitively, but kids came and that was the end of that! Now they're a little older, it's easier for me to get out and put some actual practice in. I'm super pumped! My advice having gone through adult competitive golf is, HAVE FUN. If you get worked up about a bad hole, you're doing yourself a disservice. Have a good time, make a few putts, and learn from every round!


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    Just signed up for the Golfweek tour myself. Excited to start.

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    Played my first tourney at age 52, after years of being a rec golfer with an iffy back. After my oldest son graduated from high school golf and started playing some local am's with me on the bag, I quickly realized that I would be competitive in the net senior divisions.

    All I can say is that tourney golf has taken the game to a new, deeper level for me and it's fun getting in the money every once in a while. Do it, you'll be a better person and player as a result, learn the rules and firm up etiquettes and go have fun.

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