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Vice, Snell, or Cut? Price & features.



  • colinhlaucolinhlau Members  30WRX Points: 31Handicap: 11Posts: 30 Bunkers
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    Currently playing the Vice Pro+ and think they’re great balls. With all the love the Snells are getting, I'd like to eventually give them a try. Either way, I’m glad the standards for ball pricing are favoring consumers more.

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  • monks66monks66 Members  948WRX Points: 130Posts: 948 Golden Tee
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    I found a vice pro , and tried it out, great ball, but with vice you have to buy 5 dozen to get a deal, otherwise $35 a doz, I have found too many deals on BRX's on ebay to switch

  • soregongolfersoregongolfer Roseburg, ORMembers  1600WRX Points: 369Handicap: 2-3Posts: 1,600 Platinum Tees
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    It will be interesting to see if Acushnet can cut into the sales of Vice/Cut/Snell with their new Union Green brand. I don't think they will compete as well against Snell, but they should be formidable golf balls in the market placed when compared to Vice and Cut. Sure, they won't have the Titleist name on them, but they will be made in the Titleist ball plant, and you can't beat the QC from Titleist balls.

    They better work on their website because I clicked on the balls section and got an error message. The Vice Pro+ is right there with the Pro V1 in performance. If Union Green goes up against them, then they'll also compete against their flagship ball.

  • kejoal11kejoal11 IYAOYAS!!! Yokosuka, JapanMembers, ClubWRX  1139WRX Points: 146Handicap: 3.5Posts: 1,139 ClubWRX
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    I have played all three and Snell is my ball of choice. Durability is great with Snell and the fact that Dean knows what he is doing gives me the confidence that I am getting exactly what I pay for. Actually I am getting more than what I paid for as Snell MTB Black/X is just as good if not better IMHO than anything else out there to include the big name brands.

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  • golfboy123golfboy123 South CarolinaMembers  666WRX Points: 99Posts: 666 Golden Tee
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    Vice balls are awesome, great feel, distance and stop on a dime!

  • titleistektitleistek Members  90WRX Points: 41Handicap: 9Posts: 90 Fairways
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    I would rate snell, vice , cut. Snell perform the best around the greens. Vice was similar. Cut did not feel as soft.

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  • DeadsquigglesDeadsquiggles Members  112WRX Points: 30Posts: 112 Fairways
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    I love the Cut Blue but I have tried Vice or Snell. I’ve been comparing it to the Srixon Z-Stars I’ve been grabbing for <$30/dz and while the durability is as great, I don’t notice weird flights or anything from cuts unless it takes a bounce off a cart path. Plus Cuts are on Amazon so $39.98 for 2 dozen shipped and they show up in two days. Plenty good for me, especially since they’re cheaper to replace as a high handicapper.

    I will say I noticed on the pre-‘19 Blues, they spun like **** on iron and wedge shots but they never spun up off the driver or FW. The less shiny cover and better durability (to me anyway) of the new release is appreciated but I do kinda miss the spin off the irons and wedges.


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  • ProjectXProjectX I can a hit lob wedge 150...but only from a greenside bunker Members  1469WRX Points: 221Posts: 1,469 Platinum Tees
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    I've been testing every direct to consumer ball on the market. So far haven't been terribly happy with most of them but did manage to find a couple that were reasonable.
    I started with the Kirklands. Didn't love the KSig all that much and they are just about impossible to get these days because of the Titleist lawsuit. But the KSig3 was a better performer for me anyways. Irons, Wedges and Putting it performed perfect for my game. Left me wanting off the tee though. Was noticably more spin than any of the Titleist Urethane balls and I was a solid 10-15 yards shorter off the tee with it.
    Moved on to the Snells. The Black performed well on the long game but didn't have enough spin in the irons and wedges and was a lot hotter off the putter than I'm used to. The Red was a decent ball all around. Not spectacular anywhere but not lacking anywhere either. What I couldn't stand about both was they made a very loud click off the putter that was a huge turn off for me. I haven't tried the MTB X yet but hopefully it's better than the Red and Black on the sound side.
    Next was the OnCore Elixr. This to me is the winner so far. Solid performer all around, great in the wind and I would call it amazing around greens and off the putter. Definitely a ball I would recommend giving a shot.
    After that I tried the Aris Hero and Captain. Found both balls to be decent performers all around and would say I preferred the Captain to the Hero for good performance in the wind. That said Aris balls by far have the least durable cover that I have tested yet. One of the balls I got had a nick in it before I even hit which was a turn off, but after playing them I see why. These covers would shred not just on full wedge shots but I shredded a brand new ball on a full 7 iron shot. I have nver seen that before. While the goal of the direct to consumer ball is to save money I don't think you could actually do that with Aris balls because they only last a hole before they are borderline unplayable.
    Right now I'm on the Vice balls. I played the Pro Plus this weekend. Again, not my cup of tea. Had the some very loud click off the putter as the Snell balls and the covers weren't very durable. Also found them to be a few yards short off every club and they didn't hold up well in the wind. Guessing the fact that they were short and not good in the wind is because they probably spin too much for me.
    I'll be playing the Vice Pro this weekend and Pro Soft the following before moving on to the Cut balls. I know this is a long post but hopefully it helps answer some questions you might have about all the different options that are out there.

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    I tried Cut Blue. I like the playability of them but not the durability. Until they solve this issue, I’m not so sure I’ll go that route again.

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  • MattE12MattE12 Members, Paid BST  33WRX Points: 47Posts: 33 Bunkers
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    big snell fan. hate the logo but the ball performs great.

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  • jadams13jadams13 Poulsbo, WAMembers  52WRX Points: 37Handicap: 13Posts: 52 Bunkers
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    Cut Blue on a budget, but durability is an issue. I haven't played the newer Dual Core(DC) version. But I bought 5 dozen MTBX from Snell and absolutely love them. I'm no scratch player but they just feel right. Last year I purchased the Vice trial pack with a buddy of mine and thats where the Vice experiment ended. I really like Snell from an overall standpoint: price, durability and performance..

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  • McCabe6thNorthMcCabe6thNorth Members  3WRX Points: 5Posts: 3 Starters
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    Vice Pro + is my choice. At Tier pricing for 5 dozen after shipping/tax they come out to $2.19 a ball. They are durable, spin well and are acceptable to lose if you are a 14 HCI like me. I feel like Snell got put on the map because of Dean's big name/history and mygolf spy.

  • McCabe6thNorthMcCabe6thNorth Members  3WRX Points: 5Posts: 3 Starters
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    Vice Pro + is my choice. At Tier pricing for 5 dozen after shipping/tax they come out to $2.19 a ball. They are durable, spin well and are acceptable to lose if you are a 14 HCI like me. I feel like Snell got put on the map because of Dean's big name/history and ****. I would like to try the MTB-X at some point, but I'm more than happy with the Pro+ for now.

  • ssf301ssf301 Members  85WRX Points: 66Handicap: 4Posts: 85 Fairways
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    3 handicap, Snell > Vice > Cut. I'd put the Snell (MTB Black or X) up against just about anything out there. I've been testing the MTB X recently and have been very, very impressed. The Vice Pro and Pro+ are solid balls but I like the Snell balls better. I shred the Cut balls. A few wedges and they are done.


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