Modern equivalent of a Fujikura "Fit-On" gold/yellow M Regular shaft (Cleveland Branded) for 5 Wood

BoomerGolfAnonBoomerGolfAnon Members Posts: 4

Hey guys,
I've found my shaft - it's a 2009-era Cleveland-branded Fujikura gold/yellow M Regular shaft. Normally, I hit with Fujikura Vista Pro shafts in the lightest weight possible. Paired up with a mid-sized Winn DriTac grip, I'm good to go. I know I can always bid to a 5 wood with the shaft I want, but I already have a mint-condish 5 wood from Cleveland (the 2009 Launcher) that I like - no point in buying another head.

What are my options, starting w/ Fujikura?


  • naj959naj959 Members Posts: 1,020 ✭✭

    I'm interested in this as well. I have a launcher hybrid with this shaft. Despite my swing getting much faster, it still holds up pretty well. Wouldn't mind trying something similar in a different hybrid.

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