Swing conflicts between golf & tennis

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Wanted to get thoughts about exposing kids to tennis(pre teen kids). Are your kids playing both sports on regular basis? Do they experience conflict in swings? My kids played tennis(around age 8 & 6) before and one of them complained about getting confused between the two swings. Now they are looking to get back into tennis but we are concerned about the potential conflicts.


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    Like anything it would depend on the individual but I find the modern tennis forehand to mess with the release in my golf swing a little bit if I'm not careful. It's pretty minor and only noticeable when I'm playing a lot more tennis than golf. Trying to learn both at the same time might introduce some other variables. The coordination and increase in use of different muscles/motions would more than make up for any conflict, I would believe. FWIW, I believe Kuchar is an avid player as well as Nicklaus during his peak golf days.

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    Jack was an avid tennis player.

    And a lot of tennis pros are excellent golfers. Lendl and Ashe come to mind. They picked it up pretty quick in retirement.

    All athletic movements swinging an instrument have more things in common than not.

    It’s always better to expose kids to other things. You never know, they may be at Wimbledon some day instead of The Masters.

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    I think they compliment one another. The relationship of club/racquet to ball and resultant spin imparted is similar and will only help a decent athlete figure it out. The overall motion is different enough so as not to be confused.

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    A kid we are close to, whose father was a Davis Cup tennis player, played a lot tennis with her to help with her hand /eye coordination and overall athleticism.
    She is committed to USC to play golf.

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    If your kids have athletic pedigree they'll be just fine. The more sports the better!

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    my son has been playing golf for about a year now. started tennis about 3 months ago. not seeing any impact to his golf swing. that said he is only 8 and doesn't have the wrist strength to do those wicked loopy high top spin forehands that i imagine could wreak havoc on a golf swing.

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    Like above, it's not the best idea to specialize a kid into one particular sport. The most important part is just having them involved in something that "they" like to do. This quote is perfect, "You don't have to specialize - do everything that you love and then, at some time, the future will come together for you in some form." -Francis Ford Coppola

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    Tennis is an excellent cardio sport which will serve to keep your kid in shape and improve his quality of life later on.

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