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Hi all. I'll be in St Paul August 1-3 for a wedding, and I'll be bringing my clubs. Looking for a recommendation of where to play. I was trying to decide between Troy Burne or Chaska Town Course. I played The Wilds last time I was there and liked it. How do these compare to that? Better? Worse? How are the conditions of the two? Google Earth shows Troy is really green and Chaska, not so much. Could be the images were just taken on different dates though.

I'm a 1 handicap and don't mind a challenge, except I don't like a bunch of blind shots where you need course knowledge to get around.


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    Can’t comment on chaska but Troy Burne is fantastic

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    I haven't played Chaska yet, trying to get out there sometime this year. From everything I have heard it is a great course and I can't comment on the exact conditions right now, but with the amount of rain we've had recently, everything is quite lush around the area. Troy Burne is great as well, haven't been there recently so can't comment on the exact conditions, but again, it's had plenty of water so should be quite green. Stoneridge in Stillwater/Woodbury is another great option on the east side of town. Basically, I don't think you can wrong with any of those options.

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    If you want to play closer to St. Paul, I'd pass on Chaska (although it's in good shape) and look at Troy Burne, StoneRidge as mentioned above (a links-style course), or Keller, a golden age course that was nicely renovated five years ago. It's in terrific shape and might be half the price of the others. Closest to St. Paul, too.

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