My lefty bag of swag

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It’s been years since I did one of these, so figured I would start a new one!

Driver: M5, 9 Degrees, HZRDUS Smoke “Hulk” 60 gram 6.0

3-Wood: M5, 15 Degrees, AD-DI 7X

Hybrid: New Apex, 19 degrees, AD-DI 85X

Irons: Apex 19 Smoke, 4-PW, KBS $-taper black 120

Wedges: My Hi Toe raw 54 and 58, KBS $-taper black 120

Putter: Spider X Blue

All clubs gripped with Z-cord midsize

Ball: Pro V1 yellow w/ initials

All in my Stitch SL1 Bag.

•The M5 driver and 3-wood have been special for me. Still not 100% commutes to the hulk in the driver but it’s really really good, I also have my trusty AD-GP 6X to switch in.
• Apex hybrid is the only club I’m not sold on, but there aren’t really any other hybrids this year that intrigue me, may look towards a driving iron.
• The Apex irons with the $-taper shafts has been the biggest gamechanger I have ever purchased. My old irons (X-forged with PX shafts) spun wayyyy to much and launched too low. The new Apex has corrected that and then some. I’m atleast 2 clubs longer (stronger lifts I know), and launch the ball much higher.
•Loving the hi toe wedges, need to buy a 50 degree wedge to fill my huge gap, but not many lefty 50 degree options. Will probably get SM7 raw to match the raw hi toes.

Putter: Really like the spider X, had to put loads of lead tape on it to get it as heavy as I like it.

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  • irsihmen453irsihmen453 Members Posts: 221 ✭✭✭

    Very nice setup. How are you liking the Spider X?

    G 9 HC HZRDUS Yellow 6.5
    TS2 S+ 80x
    915f P95x
    919 Tour 4-P KBS Tour 130
    VR Forged 52/56/60 S400
    O Works 3T
  • No_Catchy_NicknameNo_Catchy_Nickname Kyushu,_JapanMembers Posts: 5,476 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Crikey, you weren't lying when you said you've spent some cash on that bag.
    Jolly good set up. That AD-DI 85X hybrid shaft intrigues me.

    Driver: Ping G400 Tour 65S
    4w: TaylorMade R9 stock Fujikura Motore X flex
    7w TaylorMade V-steel, Quadra Fire Express RB 6SX
    Hybrid: RomaRo iBrid 23* Attas EZ 85S
    Irons (4i-PW): Wilson fg-62 S300 4/5-PW or MP4 Yoro Modus 125X 5-PW
    Wedges: Callaway MD2 T-grind combination of 52*, 56*, 58*, 60*
    Putter: Mac Jack Nicklaus Muirfield

    Old stuff: Tons of persimmon and older irons. 
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    I quite like it, I’m thinking of changing to an iomic midsize grip on it though, that’s what I typically use. It’s super stable on short putts. It seems to be the best mallet I’ve found that lends itself to an arced stroke

    @irsihmen453 said:
    Very nice setup. How are you liking the Spider X?

  • Boydr12Boydr12 Members Posts: 1,004 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @No_Catchy_Nickname said:
    Crikey, you weren't lying when you said you've spent some cash on that bag.
    Jolly good set up. That AD-DI 85X hybrid shaft intrigues me.

    The AD-DI (in my opinion) is the best hybrid and fairway shaft there ever was!

  • TIM929TIM929 Los AngelesMembers Posts: 801 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Your leather games on point, looks really nice.

  • AG12AG12 Members Posts: 1,157 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Solid, Solid bag. Love the Smoke finish on those Apex'. Best irons I have played to date!

    Titleist TS2 9.5* Tensei Pro White 60S
    Titleist TS2 15* Tensei Pro White 70S
    Titleist TS3 21* Atmos HB Tour Spec Blue 8S
    Callaway Apex '19 5-AW Nippon Modus3 105
    Titleist SM7 50.12F/54.10S DG S200
    TaylorMade Hi-Toe 58*/ATV KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 
    TaylorMade Spider X Navy 
    Titleist ProV1x #27
  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16 Members Posts: 7,674 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Did you raw those wedges yourself?

    What's your shot shape? Do you find the Apex to be pretty neutral with flight or is it biased one way or another for you?

    OG Epic Sub Zero | HZRDUS Smoke 60X
    LTD | Aldila Tour Blue 75X (2016 M1 Tour Issue | Diamana B 70X incoming)
    GAPR Lo | Recoil Proto 110F5 (818H2 Aldila Tour Blue 85X back up)
    P790 4i | Modus 120X
    P770 5-PW | Modus 120X
    Glide Stealth 2.0 50/10SS | AMT Wedge
    Glide Stealth 2.0 54/12SS | AMT Wedge
    Hi-Toe 58 | Modus 125 Wedge ( Glide Stealth 2.0 58/10SS for spring & fall)
    Ardmore 2 or Bettinardi MC 360 Tour
    Sun Mountain 4.5 Bag

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