Hilton Head-Savannah GolfWeek Am Tour or Golf Channel Am Tour?

DivdevilDivdevil Members Posts: 29 ✭✭

Have any of you played these local tours? Thinking of joining one next year but unsure which one. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!


  • landers4545landers4545 Members Posts: 1

    I've played every AM tour out there when I was an amateur aspiring to go pro. Both the golfweek and golf channel tours are run pretty poorly. Golfweek is much cheaper and guys seem to enjoy the fun and commrodary more than posting a good number. They both are flighted tours so if u lie about ur handicap you will be exposed. So play proper flight. Both tours dont do anything as far as course setup, etc etc. Upon arrival, you would have no clue theres a tournament being played. It's as if you've pulled in for a regular round. No signage. No tent to check in or to direct players. I've never had my name called on first tee on either tour. Never seen any signage on range or golf course. Literally, these events are run by 1 guy. Each district has a TD and he runs whole show. That's true for both tours. Neither tour provides range balls as you have to pay for them when I've just paid 200$ for a 1 day event at a public course. No drinks on course. No coolers. No rules official. 90% of guys on both tours are just hacks who like golf and wanna play competitively and gamble and drink. Yes, you will have your very good amateur player who like myself is or was aspiring to go pro. So you will see 1,2,3 of these guys in champ flight which I have no issue with. You want good players. Dont knock the guy in champ flight for taking it serious God for bid. Those guys like me had to start somewhere. So I'd suggest not even wasting ur time w any of these pay and play, crappy.**** events. Play your local usga and state am events. There well run. Consistently talent. Properly run. Etc. Good luck

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