Golf in Barbados - course and cost updates?

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Haven't seen any recent updates on Barbados golf so I thought might as well try this....
Any current info on course costs, playability etc. would be appreciated.

Background: My nephew and family are moving to Barbados for several years and would like us to come and see them. We live in Vancouver, Canada so it's a fair distance and expense to get there, with probably a one night layover in Toronto each way or a very long "one day" trip with layover. We aren't beach bunnies at all, so beach and water sports aren't any draw. (Even though we go to Maui for annually we don't ever hang out on the beach. We do however golf a lot there, but not at the higher end ones.)

My nephew says that there are lots of golf courses to entice us to come. However from what we can find online, including old threads here, golf seems very expensive (perhaps hundreds of US $ a round), which also means we would be looking at another third more cost in Canadian to US exchange.

Thanks in advance for any replies. It will have a bearing how long we might plan to be there, how many rounds -and where. Also whether I would bother to take my own clubs (which I would plan to do generally as I can't use steel shafts with arthritis).

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