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I played my first two rounds of golf and I really enjoyed it!

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Lookout!Lookout! Members  19WRX Points: 11Posts: 19 Bunkers
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Hi everyone,

While I started to learn golf last October, I had not been out on the course yet this year (bad first instructor, busy at work, busy at home, and partly being scared of the course, etc). On Thursday night, I finally signed up for a tee time at a local Par 3. I would be playing from the most forward tees (2032 yards over 9 holes). I had fun, I wasn't too frustrated with myself because I knew I am still learning.

I had some reasonably good shots and some really bad shots but I figured that everyone does. My driver off the first tee sliced so hard it ended up on the #9 fairway. The next one went straighter but I never found it. However it got better. A 3 wood drive from the tee block landed on the green on the next hole, which was very empowering to see (I 3 putted in the end but oh well). Some of my wedge shots/putts were screwy because either I hit them way too hard or not hard enough. Just comes with experience I guess. Full disclosure for the putts, I used a 3 foot gimme circle around the hole just to keep moving (even though there was no one behind me). There was a group of 3 older gentlemen in front of me that I caught up to at about hole #7 ish but I didn't mind too much since there was no one behind me and it was only nine holes. My total time of play was about an hour and 30 (maybe a little less).

I ended up with somewhere in between a 49 and 54 (not sure if I included the extra stroke for each lost ball I had, do not completely remember to be honest). I was probably closer to 55. When I lost a ball, I would add an extra stroke to the hole (please let me know if official scoring should be different). I only lost 5 balls which I think is pretty good for a beginner.

On Friday morning, encouraged by Thursday night's game, I decided to go to a local Par 4 course which is 10 minutes from my house. The yardage was a bit longer (2641 yards over 9 holes - forward tees again). The first hole was a disaster, shot a 9 (par 5) including 2 lost balls. But it got better and I think I made par on a hole later on.

Same thing as the first game, some good shots and some bad shots. I had my first bunker shot experience which didn't go well (hit it too hard again) but now I know for next time. This course was more featureless (mostly flat grass/open areas). I think it's a Clublink course but that doesn't really mean anything to me. One thing I discovered is that I was hitting the ball farther than I was used to (thanks for my new instructor). For example on the last hole (#9), it was 126 yards. So I pulled out the 8 iron and blew it on the other side of the hole (again I know that 126 yards isn't that far but consider my 15 year old Golden Bear clubs as well as my beginner's swing). My total time of play was about an hour and 15 (I don't hang around much).

I ended up with somewhere between a 51 and 56 (I think I included the lost balls in the 51 (one stroke penalty each) but I could be wrong) with only 5 lost balls again.

I am happy that I am learning to play golf and I find it rewarding to play (give it time for the anger/rage to come but right now I choose to enjoy it). Sure there were bad shots that frustrated me but I tried my best to forget about them and go to the next shot. I was anticipating to be around 60 over 9 holes so I was pleasantly surprised to get the scores that I did (not fully authenticated of course but I like to think that I am trust worthy) . I will say that my biggest weakness in course management is my pace of play. Simply put I think/play too fast and I feel like I have to rush (even though there was no one behind me all game). That was the case with some of my driver shots because I was in a hurry/wanted to kill the ball. Going forward, I still need range time because I still don't really know what the ball will do/go once I hit it other than hoping it goes straight. But it was nice to be outside on a beautiful night/day and play a round. I actually liked playing by myself at least at the start because I will be stressed once I play with others.

Proof of scores (again, note from most forward tees and only counted a stroke for a lost ball (not sure if a lost ball is one stroke or two)):

My clubs for reference (Jack Nicklaus Golden Bears about 15 years old).



  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX  2108WRX Points: 314Handicap: 17Posts: 2,108 ClubWRX
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    Your playing real well for starting out. Keep it up. I played a par 3 course, 3 times a week till I got better. I used a 3 wood off the tee box till I got better with the driver.


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    Clubs this week

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  • sprcoopsprcoop Tucson, AZMembers  1012WRX Points: 238Handicap: 16.7Posts: 1,012 Platinum Tees
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    The important thing is to respect the course (carts, divots, ball mark repair) other players (noise, honors, pace of play) and have fun. Sounds like you're doing that so keep up the good work. Definitely learn enough about the rules in order to keep score correctly (all lost balls are not created equal, OB/lost different than lost in a hazard) and also they can be used to your advantage (taking relief etc.). Don't get too stressed when playing with others, it's a big part of the game. As long as you respect the course and other players not too many folks really care how well you play. We all had to start somewhere.


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  • NaptimeNaptime Members  697WRX Points: 132Posts: 697 Golden Tee
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    Welcome to the addiction. :)

  • SavageCySavageCy Parts UnknownMembers  173WRX Points: 106Handicap: 6Posts: 173 Fairways
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    It only gets better. Welcome to the club.

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  • dan360dan360 loisible Members  5612WRX Points: 610Posts: 5,612 Titanium Tees
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    Welcome and congratulations. You have the right attitude, improvements will come quick at the beginning and then slower as you get better. Keeping positive is best. Play for fun for now, and enjoy it!!

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  • Lookout!Lookout! Members  19WRX Points: 11Posts: 19 Bunkers
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    On -, @Naptime said:

    Welcome to the addiction. :)

    I want new clubs and to be fitted, does that help?

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • Mr. GrumpyMr. Grumpy The Quintana Changeup, sit em dwn Members  2791WRX Points: 467Posts: 2,791 Titanium Tees
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    Rock on!

  • Neverfadeaway86Neverfadeaway86 Members  266WRX Points: 62Posts: 266 Greens
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    On -, @Lookout! said:

    On -, @Naptime said:

    Welcome to the addiction. :)

    I want new clubs and to be fitted, does that help?

    Being Fitted for clubs is definitely a good idea, now that doesn't mean that you need to go buy a brand new set of Irons and all the top of the line stuff right away.

    I would look into getting a fitting done and looking into some Game Improvement Irons and see if you can find some used for a decent price and then getting some lessons is always a good idea early on so you don't learn bad habits, they are harder to break later on

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  • admorkadmork Orlando, FlMembers  83WRX Points: 114Handicap: +2Posts: 83 Fairways
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    That's awesome!
    Keep it up. Golf is fun :)

  • Lookout!Lookout! Members  19WRX Points: 11Posts: 19 Bunkers
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    I played on Friday and I shot a 52, it was a bit more frustrating than the last time. I had about a 10 on one hole (lost 3 balls, water was involved) but on #8, I had a really PW onto which rolled to about 8 feet from the hole (which I two putted for bogey but I was really happy with the shot. Then I capped it off on #9 with my first birdie (within the gimme circle), it was a 9 iron 126 yard hole from the forwards but it felt good.

    I need to still work on the basics though. My mid to low irons (3-6) suck hard.

    Edit: Lost 5 more balls in the round.

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  • NoTalentLeftyNoTalentLefty Members  3937WRX Points: 358Handicap: 12.9Posts: 3,937 Titanium Tees
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    Naked ladies tees are a must.

    Livin' proof that Lefties are not naturally talented.

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