If you could go back in time would you tell yourself not to take up golf?

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I love golf, I play ALLOT of it. I spend ALLOT of money on it.

Over 20 years I figure I have spent around 10,000 hours golfing, practicing, and travelling for golf (with most of that in the last 10). That is about the same as 5 years of 40 hours a week. I won't even go into the $$$

Despite all I put into the game of golf, golf does not love me back. I chase it, it ignores and rebuffs me.

If I used my golf time differently, I could have made an extra $1M, I could have become a physician - for fun, I could have worked out and have the body of a greek god and live 10 years longer, I could have had a second secret wife in another city and died 10 years sooner, I could have finished my Novel and a few sequels, I could have seen more of the world, I could have built my dream car, etc etc etc.

Funny thing, is I can't imagine a life without golf. My friends are pretty much all golfers, I enjoy nothing more then getting out to play and it is my main activity to keep me healthy (I always walk). But I do know if it was not golf it may likely have been something else I did that, frankly, rewarded effort better than golf does.

So if you could go back in time, would you warn your younger self, not to get the golf bug?



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    Nope. I wouldn't. Golf saved me from getting a real job for almost 40 years. Soon I'll retire (my wife says, "retire from what?") and play even more golf.

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    Nope, I would tell myself to quit the track team, and focus on golf. I think I might be a better player now if I had started learning in my teens, instead of my forties.

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    My only regret is that I didn't start earlier (started in early 90s right after college). I think this game is easier to learn/develop as a kid than as an adult.

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    No way, because then I wouldn't be responding to this thread...
    Actually I started in playing the summer of 1965, and I just retired this spring at 68. That's a lifetime of fun, good shots, bad shots and a whole lot of things that keep me coming back.

    The main thing for me is that golf has come full circle in that in that first year I played, I simply enjoyed it without any other reason to be out there pretty much. Just liked the outdoors, the freedom, the friendship, the fun, the enjoyment. Now that I'm retired I like the outdoors, the freedom, the friendship, the fun, the enjoyment.

    Only thing I would have told myself back then would be to "be careful for the many years ahead of not losing focus on the early days of golf when it was so easy and fun". and "Don't get so entangled in the stress of numbers and competition and winning and mechanics and equipment that you don't just plain enjoy golf like you used to, or you will again some day far off".

    So I think for me, taking up golf was definitely not something I would go back and talk myself out of, maybe I would go back to where golf was taking me up, and talk myself out of that...

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    I’d go back and start younger. I only played a couple times as a kid and took it up seriously at age 25-26 and really wish I had gotten into it sooner.

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    No, I'd suggest I take it up earlier. Probably in my 30s instead of my 40s. It's such great fun and good exercise. Unfortunately I was having problems with my feet back then so probably wouldn't even have thought it possible.

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    Nope, I would go back and tell myself to focus only on golf, instead of tennis, basketball, football, baseball, etc. I would have played college golf instead of tennis, and who knows where i'd be now. Might be on tour, might be dead. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, Ferguson is correct, can't go back.

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    No way! I'd actually tell my younger self to join the golf team in high school, and forget about football. My one regret is that I didn't start playing golf sooner.

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    If I went back and told my 30-year-old self to never take up golf, by now I'd weigh 300+ pounds and probably be on my second or third heart cath (or worse). I suspect golf will end up literally being a life-saver for me in the long run, assuming I don't die of skin cancer.

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    If I went back in time to talk about golf, the “old me” would slap the “new me” with all my “old me” strength for talking about golf.

    And the “new me” would understand lol.

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    The exact opposite of telling myself NOT to play, I would have told myself to play more and younger. Would definitely have a career of some sort in golf now if that had been the case.

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    On -, @BrianMcG said:

    I would tell him to hit more range balls, and DO NOT date that Beth girl. Yikes.

    I dated her, too. Don't regret that. She was too wild for wife material but um.... My real downfall was that Kelly girl. I stopped playing for the 10 years we were together.

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    Probably not. You have to find a main hobby or life is boring. It's a frustrating hobby however. But I enjoy it. The great thing about golf is you can play it alone , on the course or the range. The problem with team sports is you have to rely on others or you can't do it (although can often practice/train for it alone - however even that you can't always depending which team sport or activity you choose)


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    No way! I would have started way earlier than at age 35. I thought golf was the dumbest sport on the face of the earth until then.

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    Heck no. I'd tell myself to start younger.

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    No way. I would though have gotten some fundamentals down straight away, starting with the grip first.

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    I would like to have skipped my first wife, but I never regret taking up golf. I'll be 65 in a couple weeks, and this gives me a sport I can still play.

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    I would have used sunblock. We’re were so stupid in the 60’s and 70’s. We thought that deep tan from a wasted youth on the practice tee was a badge of honor. Golf is probably the only constant in my life.

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    I would have told my younger self to hit more practice balls, find a good instructor and keep at it. I had a few lessons when I was young from different teachers and this probably screwed me up more than anything (If I could have stuck with the first guy, it may have been different, he was in his 70s, and after one season with him and several lessons, he got cancer and passed away), I was sort of self taught anyway. I would have also told myself not to play backyard football either, which would have avoided a bad knee injury in my youth..... I enjoyed tennis as kid, but it seemed to get boring after awhile. Golf is always changing, new clubs, new courses, new people, that part I really like....

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    If I could go back in time and convince myself never to set foot on a course I can't play for under $100/month I'd be a wealthier man today and would never even know what I was missing. It's hard to keep them down on the farm once they've seen the big city.

    Occasionally I'll play at the local muni course for one reason or another (usually due to tournaments at my club) and I'll get paired up with guys who've never played anywhere else. Honestly, they are having as much fun as those of us playing every week at one of the really nice private clubs in town. The difference is, they buy a yearly pass for $600 and play all the golf they want while I'm spending darned near that much some months.

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    I would like to have started earlier, even though it would have been on sand greens.

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    I would like to have started earlier, but who knows if it would have been something I stuck with. I've been playing for 4 years now.

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    I would tell me not to play football and lacrosse, I would have golfed

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    Heck no!

    I've met so many amazing people, been to so many amazing places and had so many of my best experiences with friends and family on the course.

    I would tell my younger self to never try to get rid of the fade he had growing up and to never chase the big powerful draw you see on TV!


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