If you could go back in time would you tell yourself not to take up golf?



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    If I had the opportunity to go back, I would have told my younger self that golf isn’t a dumb pastime for old guys. I would have tried to convince myself that chasing the baseball dream would never turn into a full time paying profession. Focus on my studies and pick up golf at an earlier age. I was in the military and golf was almost free and the courses were very good. Who cares that women would rather date a baseball star rather than a golfer. Ah heck, forget all that crap. Baseball was great for me. If I were to go back, I’d tell myself to find a girl who will enjoy golf as much as I do as I get older, so we can enjoy the game together.

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    No. Nothing else makes sense.

  • kc_hackerkc_hacker  69WRX Points: 73Members Posts: 69 Bunkers
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    Like everyone else, of course not.

    If I could go back and change anything, I'd change not having a high school golf coach who was a drunk and not much of a golfer. I'm a decent player and I was decent in high school, but I didn't really learn how to score until I was in my 30s. Would have been great to have some actual help growing up in BFE.

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    I ended up goling because my knee gave out. Knowing now i wish i picked up golf earlier. From golfing i ve developed some of my best friends who also love the game. Additionally it has given me an avenue to destress and pick up a hobby that has kept me out of trouble

  • dan360dan360 loisible  5467WRX Points: 377Members Posts: 5,467 Titanium Tees
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    I would tell myself to take it more seriously. There are days I often wonder and have just enough good memories to know it coulda been way better.

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    I probably would. I picked it up at 11/12 years old and made basically every major life decision from then to 3 years post college graduation based on golf. My results were never elite at any level, but for whatever reason I always thought eventually I’d figure it out.

    Now I have a mediocre job that I have minimal interest in and am not very good at due to failing to explore academic interests, dead dreams, and no tangible goals in life anymore/nothing I’m working towards.

    I got all my friends (who I hardly see these days due to life), had great times, and got college paid for out of golf, but am also paying the price today and for the foreseeable future for all I gave to it. It’s hard to say I’m better off today than I’d be without golf.

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    Just like all the other Baby Boomers, we did not think we needed lessons, we were wrong! but we enjoyed playing the back 9 every weekend, the hard knock of learning to play golf. Most of us worked our way down to the teens, but aways dreamed of breaking the 70's. Most of us are retired and still playing and hoping for that special round!

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    Nope. I would take lessons earlier and try to have a better mind set towards the game than I did in my competitive days were I took it to seriously.

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    going back in time wouldn't help me as I tell myself every week not to play golf, yet here I am. Can't even take my own hint.

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    Only thing I would have done differently would have been to take lessons early on as to spending 80 bucks a night to cab it to and from the driving range here in NYC... Chelsea piers destroyed my bank account. But loved every minute of the journey.

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    No. If I felt that way I wouldnt bother with it now.

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    Id tell myself start earlier.

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    I like to think that I'd start earlier, but the reality is that I was the first in my family to have a real interest in playing any sport. My dad would have seen it as a waste of time and money, so in all likelihood the earliest I could have realistically gotten more involved was college.

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    I think I’d tell myself to take up fishing.

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    I wish i'd started earlier. So definitely not

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    complete opposite. Wish I would have listened to my dad growing up.

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  • RickKRickK Missouri City TX 1605WRX Points: 112Handicap: GHINMembers Posts: 1,605 Platinum Tees
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    Absolutely not. Golf is one of the best networking tools available to man. I have so many friends I have made on the golf course that I would have never met had it not been for playing the game. Sure, I have probably spent not 1 but 2 fortunes on the game but it has been great.


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    I give up.

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    I have zero doubt, to answer an earlier post, that golf keeps me from doing more productive things with my life. Maybe I would work harder, or spend more time at home with my wife and kids, or exercise more or better, or start a company, or...

    I also only really have two things in my life that occasionally make me miserable, and those are golf and college football. And what stupid things to get miserable over...

    BUT, I love golf like no other “hobby” or “sport” or whatever you want to call it, and I can’t imagine my life without it. I pride myself on being pretty selfless overall, but I guess golf is a bit of a selfish endeavor on my part. And I guess that it is somehow a necessary “evil” in my life in that it is perhaps the only thing that allows me to “get back” some of the giving i do in every other aspect of my life.

    Maybe it isn’t rational for me to have taken up golf, but it was somehow the thing I needed at the time it showed up for me.

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    I would have told myself to find a job where you can play more golf and to make it a top priority.

    When I quit the game, part of it was being disillusioned with the game. But the other part was not being able to afford to play nor having the time to do so. I was living in Atlanta and at that time golf membership and golf in general was too expensive. And with traffic and my job and house location, there was no way I could play more than once a week.

    In that time, I would miss golf just by smelling the grass in the morning. And I would remember how much fun I had playing, practicing and the comradarie I had with friends and fellow golfers. But the big thing that convinced me to get back into the game was how the game really helped me get thru tough times and boring times in my life. I looked back and saw how much I relied on the game to help cheer me up and keep me excited when I was going thru BS or I was just bored. I have a strong disdain for my high school because so many of the teachers there were just downright awful human beings and I thought about how I would go to the golf course and it would get me thru those times. Or when I had numerous friends die and my 18-year old cousin die or when my grandfather died when I was 16. Golf didn't replace them, but it made it easier to get by.

    And that's why I insist that any job I have and anywhere I live that I have enough money and spare time to play golf. When times are good, golf has enhanced that for me. When times are bad, golf has helped me get by. Perhaps that does not make me a sophisticated person, but I can only go with what works for me.

    After thinking about that I became determined to figure out all of the things that made me disillusioned about the game so I would never want to quit it, again.


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    On -, @kgeisler13 said:

    Nope. I would take lessons earlier and try to have a better mind set towards the game than I did in my competitive days were I took it to seriously.

    This exactly... my only regret is not getting some lessons early on so that I would not have had to try to fix ingrained swing quirks later on.

  • mwilkins25mwilkins25 NYC 101WRX Points: 22Handicap: 10Members Posts: 101 Fairways
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    If I could go back in time, I would have started golfing before I got married haha. Would have set better expectations and I would be so much better!


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    I would tell myself to not take up bowling....and to move out of the northeast to somewhere thats warm all year.

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    I would tell myself to play a lot more holes, and not all on the same few courses.

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    If I went back in time to when I was 7, I’d probably get arrested, as my explanation to authorities that I’m from the future to talk to my 7 year old self wouldn’t go over well. I’m assuming being in jail would impede my ability to use my time machine, therefore my future would actually be spent in the past in a jail cell. It’s a similar concept to Captain America staying in the past in Endgame.

    I’m not messing with time. That opens up crazy multiverse possibilities and I don’t have the stomach for that. That’s how you walk in on your spouse cheating on you with an alternate version of yourself.

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  • Big BenBig Ben  9301WRX Points: 483Handicap: 5Members Posts: 9,301 Titanium Tees
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    No but if I didn’t have my kids I would definitely tell myself not to marry my Wife! Lady is just mean I tell ya...

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    On -, @BicknellCC said:

    Nope, I would tell myself to quit the track team, and focus on golf. I think I might be a better player now if I had started learning in my teens, instead of my forties.

    Same here, except it was tennis, not track.

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  • Birdie MacBirdie Mac  662WRX Points: 329Members Posts: 662 Golden Tee
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    On -, @Big Ben said:

    No but if I didn’t have my kids I would definitely tell myself not to marry my Wife! Lady is just mean I tell ya...


  • Hogan9Hogan9  67WRX Points: 50Handicap: 12Members Posts: 67 Bunkers
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    On -, @Roody said:

    No way! I'd actually tell my younger self to join the golf team in high school, and forget about football. My one regret is that I didn't start playing golf sooner.

    I'm with Roody. I love golf and wish I had devoted more time to it in my teens. Playing football and basketball in high school lead to bad knees and shoulders as I approach 70 years old. Those guys that were in the band or the science club now out drive me by twenty to thirty yards. Luckily, I still putt better that they.

  • calfan36calfan36 Bay Area 229WRX Points: 85Members Posts: 229 Fairways
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    Nope. There isn't a hobby that I like more. Both from the equipment side and the playing side. Also, I barely spend any money on it. I make money from buying and selling clubs. I have a Skytrak I use for practice. And I'm in good shape and am gonna become a doctor lol (in dental school). Also, I started giving students at my university lessons on my Skytrak, so now I'm making money that way as well, way more than I'd spend on greenfees (since I don't have much time to actually play rounds)

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  • J-TizzleJ-Tizzle Hello  3464WRX Points: 184Members Posts: 3,464 Titanium Tees
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    Nope. If anything I’d have played more and started side saddling when I first picked up a club.

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