New wedge today. First hole I used it the hole...

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I was only about 20 yards from the hole, but still, and even though it was for a 7 (a triple on the #1 handicap par 4 with the first tee shot OB left and the second tee shot in the water hazard right), but at least it was a legit 7 that I could card without writing it down for the handicap. The best part is that I wasn't sure about the sole grind I had, but for the conditions I had (wet ground on the front approach of a green (from rain about an hour earlier), which I encounter often in the swamp of Houston) it was perfect (wide sole high bounce at standard loft, with only a leading edge grind), and everything else worked. I guess it's a keeper. Ping Glide 2.0 WS 54/14 with leading edge grind.


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    Is the leading edge grind stock?

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    A few years back I had a fairly new (few weeks) sand wedge that I holed out with twice in the same month from 75 yards for eagle. Same hole both time (short Par 4).

    To this day I can't remember why exactly that sand wedge was replaced by something else in my bag within a few months after that. You'd think I'd sleep with the darned thing and hit it for every 75 shot the rest of my life. Don't be a "ho", love that wedge forever!

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    Pitch in 7 sure beats a 2 putt 9! Well done.

    A couple months ago I broke down and replaced irons I've had since the early 90's with a used set of Mizuno MP-60's 3-PW ($110 shipped Ebay). First ball I hit was PW at a practice area. It was a 60 yd pitch right out of the middle, felt like butter, hit the pin on the fly. I might keep them for a while.

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    @SUITS said:
    Is the leading edge grind stock?

    No, I added it, to help from digging in on short shots around the greens in soggy conditions or into the grain lies. The leading edge is the most important factor in preventing digging in. I even ordered it on my new i210 U wedge, and it's part of the lob combo grind (leading edge, heel/toe, and back relief) that I've got on my wide sole 60. New irons are coming up soon, G410's, and I'll probably even get it on the set W wedge.

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    I did that with a Nike wedge about 10 years ago. Was probably the only good shot in ever hit with it. It didn't last more than 10 rounds in the bag. Lol

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    You got all the luck out of that wedge. Time to throw it in the pond.

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    This never happens with a new putter.

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    Got you a new "go to" club it sounds like

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    Well, it's useless from now on...

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