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    @jdvela55 said:
    I have never worn gloves while playing or practicing until this weekend. I used a brand new Callaway and my Golf Pride MCC grips shredded it with in a few holes (I should've take pics). Is there any type of glove out there that will hold up? Thanks

    Bionic. I had their original versions for 3 years. Insanely tough.

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    I can't recommend the FJ WeatherSof gloves enough. I've had one for about 6-7 rounds, 3 lessons, and I don't know how many range sessions now, including a couple wet rounds, and it's just now showing wear. This is in south Louisiana humidity too.

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    Ive played FJ weathersoft forever. That is until I played in Thailands humidity. I couldn't gripe my velvets. I recommend having a couple different types. I play FJ as a reg and TM for hot and humid days cause they do a better job of keeping my palms dry.

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    I play either Titleist Players or Footjoy Pure Tough gloves. I have large hands with short fingers so Cadet XL works well for me. I've tried other gloves but the fit of these two gloves is better than anything else I've tried. Of course I could probably play Footjoy StaSoft gloves but do not like any glove that has a combination of stretchable material. I prefer all leather gloves. I usually go through a couple of pair during the season. I rotate 4-5 gloves at any time, generally playing 3 in a round, so that they will not become drenched with moisture and that I can adequately dry them out.

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    @courcy75 said:
    I would stay away from the Speith glove. Blew thru one in 4 rounds. They actually replaced it for me and the next one did the same. I found the all white Titleist/Footjoy gloves work best for me. I am also a stickler for an all white glove so I may be biased lol.

    The all white gloves look great to me too

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    All about keeping your glove dry. As soon as its moist, change it. Rotate like this and your gloves will last a long time.

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    I've tried a lot of gloves, and the FJ WeatherSof is by far my favorite. My hands tend to sweat a lot, and with these I never lose my grip. They do tend to wear fast, but they are reasonably priced so I don't mind.

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    So I got through a round with out ripping my glove. It was definitely the grip. Thanks for all the great advice! I still hate playing with a glove and will probably just wear one on the humid days.


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