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I know that I am old...70...but could someone explain why that in about 75% of the time that I reply to a "Want to Buy" or "For Sale" thru a message I do not even get the courtesy of a reply? I have 2 right now where I have heard nothing even though both members have logged in. These replies I made were both 2 days ago.. but these are far from the first time....I guess simple manners are a thing of the past


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    Are you lowballing them??
    Most the guys on here ignore offers outside of their best offer range.

    Thats the only reason i can come up with. In all honesty the BST has become somewhat of a joke on here and lost some major cred since the “upgrade”. Most of the really good guys that were dealing on here either tread VERY lightly or ceased dealings all together. From what i gather there have been more and more shady folks turing up too. I generally wont deal with people that have a lower post count then myself and i really dont have that many compared to some of these guys. The loss of the feedback system has really screwed this place up and at this point im starting to belive its gone for good.

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    Thanks for the reply. The 2 right now I am talking about are for the WTB was for a new putter where I am selling for about $100 under retail and the other is for 2 irons sets. If they want references I can point them to Ebay where I have over 1000 with 100% feedback. For the Sale Section I do not make low ball offers as I do want to waste someones time, for example a driver was offered for $200 shipped and I offered $ reply so I moved on.

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    Ohh yea it sounds like you are doing it right. Specially nice having the good Ebay feedback to reference. And yes i would also agree with your statement of simple manners being a thing of the past. Best of luck finding what you are looking for! Im sure something will pop up on there with a decent seller/buyer on the other end. If not and you are looking for something particular at a decent price id checkout Callaways preowned site.

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    i think the new system has made it more confusing and harder to find threads that you've participated in that have new replies. Basically, i wouldn't doubt the thread was started and they haven't been aware that you've posted because the website either isn't notifying the user. you might try sending a private message and see if you get a response.

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    thanks but everything I have sent has been a private message and still no replies

  • brownmoose13brownmoose13 Ohio/FloridaClubWRX Posts: 99 ClubWRX

    2 more idiots have joined my no reply club from the WTB section. If someone does not want to reply either yes or no why do they waste their time posting??

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    Wtb section has basically always been fairly pointless. The only way to get a reply usually is to offer them what they want for dirt cheap

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    If I post a WTB ad - I ignore people all the time for a variety of reasons. One, if I post I am looking for something specific and they offer me all sorts of other stuff. Different loft, different flexes, different clubs - all the time it happens. They dont get a reply. Two, if I say no trades and they offer me trades - no reply. Three, if I say PM me with pics and price and they dont - no reply. Usually if I put simple instructions that people cant take the time to follow - I dont take the time to respond.

    The other case is if the price is absurdly high. It doesnt matter how much you are pricing something below retail, it matters how close to the market price it is. If its completely out of line - I dont respond.

    Now, why dont I respond? Because sometimes I will get 15-20 responses when I post a WTB ad. Sorry but I'm just not taking the time to send each person a personalized response, even if it only takes a minute or two. I pick the best couple, send an offer and move on.

    For the record, I am not the person the OP is referring to in this case.

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    dcmignight...NO you are not one of them. I do not do any of the things you said in your first paragraph or second. My current complaint is that both were looking for a specific putter. I have the exact putter they are looking for, brand new, still in the plastic, and I offered it at about $100-$125 UNDER cost and still no reply. I still think a simple...."No thank you" would only take 15 seconds, but then I am old and I feel that if someone takes the time to reply to MY post they are due the courtesy of an answer...just my opinion

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