Z Star vs. MTB-X

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Anybody been able to compare these two? Just curious. On a related note I ended up with a sleeve of Pro V in my bag and tried that ball Saturday (I'm a weirdo who hasn't played that ball in forever). I found that ball very tough to stop when close to the green - longer chips, short pitches and such. Most of my time has been with the Z Star and XV, for comparison.

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    After initially loving the MTB-X, I found it to be just average. I think its priced at the right spot. Played a dozen and ran into some durability issues with the cover. Is it a good ball? Yes... Is it better than tour premium balls? No. Like the golf ball test on the other site I did find the Snell to be more offline with drives. Yes there were bad strikes in there but overall I hit this ball in the fairway less than any other ball

    Off the driver I think pretty much all balls are with 300 rpms so you won't see much differences there. With the Z-star, for me, Ive found it to spin with short irons/wedges more than any ball this year other than the Mizuno RB Tour X (tp5, tp5x, Bridgestone bx and bxs, z star xv, MTB-x). The cover has been durable and played 3 straight rounds with one ball. Depending on your swing speed the XV will give better ball speed/lower spin resulting in slightly longer distance.

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    I found the XV and MTB X to have very similar characteristics on pitches from inside 50 years; however, the Snell just seemed to have longer distances and a better sound. Off the putter, the MTB X was a more muted and softer feeling ball than the XV which sounded clicky and felt less predictable. I'll be staying with the X.

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    my kid got a box of z stars for his birthday, of course i demanded one ball. ha. anyway they feel great off the putter and driver. very quiet off the irons and i guess that goes with the soft feeling as well. if i stumble across those buy one get ones i will definitely grab them.

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