Tournament Advice For Younger Kids First Tourney

I have a few questions for Golf Tournaments for an 8/9 year old division I’m hoping to get some help with (I promise to slow the questions down, just a bit overwhelming when getting started):
1) Do most kids use Pull Carts for the Tournaments (Assume 9 and 18 holes), do they carry their own clubs without a Pull Cart, do parents carry their clubs for them (Probably not)
2) How much parent involvement is there? I try to be as hands off as possible, but my kid always asks me questions on distance / clubs to use / reading the green / hugs and high fives - sometimes tears:) etc
3) Can other family members walk with the group (Assuming a safe distance away)
I’m just trying to figure out what is acceptable in these tournaments. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks


  • kekoakekoa ClubWRX Posts: 9,077 ClubWRX

    I assume you are referring to US kids tournaments so here goes:
    1. 99% of the kids have a push cart. I carried my sons bag at his first tournament because I thought push carts are for pansies. I quickly bought a push cart the next day and will never go back. I've watched parent lug a small junior bag around and they struggle. It's no me.
    2. This ranges from kid to kid. The absolute worst is when a parent/caddie starts giving their kid a playing lesson during a tournament round. This slows play down and is brutal for the child. I would help your child only if he asks for it and have him swing away- thought free.
    3. Yes, spectators are allowed, but should stay on the cart path only whether they are walking or riding.

  • BloctonGolf11BloctonGolf11 Members Posts: 304 ✭✭✭✭

    Kekoa covered some great points.

    1) Get a push cart. Number 1 advice. The fact that juniors, high school, and college players are still carrying instead of pushing is neanderthal logic at this point.
    2) Be as involved as they need to be without interfering in other's rounds. My son is essentially self sufficient by this point so I do the things that are tedious (he ranges but I tell him what club off his sheet, clean his clubs, grab the flag). He reads his putts and picks 95% of his targets. However, his early tourneys I tried to help a bit more.
    3) Spectators stay on the path like Kekoa said.

    Just a father and son on a journey together through golf....
  • mbh922mbh922 Members Posts: 6 ✭✭

    Thanks for the advice above - very helpful!

  • MikekiMMikekiM Members Posts: 215 ✭✭✭

    Caddie involvement will vary from tournament to tournament. Check with the organization and their caddie policies. Some allow full caddie assistance, and some have you stop at the putting green. Whether your child elects to use a caddie of course is usually between the two of you.

  • tiger1873tiger1873 Members Posts: 1,156 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Biggest advice is let them play and let them know it is okay to make mistakes if you learn from them. Too many parents plan everything for their kids. You not helping them if you do.

  • TripleBogeysrbetterTripleBogeysrbetter Members Posts: 140 ✭✭✭

    Just try to ensure your child has fun or its a positive experience.
    I have two older kids. My son is 16 and has been playing in tournaments since last year. He is driven by his internal motor. I stay on the cart path (if I watch) and look for balls if it's allowed.
    My daughter just started playing this year. She just won her first event last weekend. When we started she was guaranteed slurpees at the end no matter what.
    "3. Yes, spectators are allowed, but should stay on the cart path only whether they are walking or riding."
    If you have someone that plays golf coming to the event ensure they stick to this one. One event a girl had her whole family giving advice. Felt really bad for her.

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