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I've started researching for fantasy football, I think this year i'm going to go WR WR in first two round and then TE. UNLESS I have an early pick and McCaffery, Kamara, or Barkley are free. I made the mistake in drafting Bell last year and I think we all know how that turned out. Cant trust to draft Gordan or Zeke. Gonna try and get two WR1s then hopefully Ertz, Kelce, or Kittle. Then RB RB in 4 and 5. a lot of mid range WRs this year. My favorite young ones who I believe are going to shine are Chris Goodwin, Christain Kirk, and Dj Moore.


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    All depends on what pick you get. Still a fan of RB first round of you can. WR pop up all season as free agent finds so I never overload in the draft. Every winning season I've had consisted of a draft filled with RB depth.

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    Also depends on what format, standard or PPR, I'd go WR,WR if its a PPR league

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    I think I'd still try to get Nick Chubb if I couldn't get the top three you mentioned (Barkley, Kamara, McCaffery)

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