7 wood?



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    Have a 22 degree cleveland launcher 7 wood. Longest tenured club in the bag that i hit over my 4/5 iron when i need something to land softly. Id say find a head you like looking at and fits your eye and then make sure you get a lower spin shaft so it does t launch and stay spinning up there

    Get scratch or die trying
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    @mootrail said:
    Two problems and you mentioned one, the high flight, and in the wind, it's a killer. The other is finding an off the shelf 7 wood in other then Senior flex.

    In the wind... when October rolls around, and the winds get higher and the rough thinner, my 7W goes on vacation in favor of the 3H.

    As for shafts other than Senior flex, where have you been looking? I regularly see R - and occasionally S flex - in Callaway and Tour Edge 7Ws, and Cobra 7-8Ws.

    What's In The Bag *...

    Driver: Calla XR16 Pro 10.5° (set open) / Fuji Evolution II TS Speeder 665 R-flex 63 gr.
    FWs: Tour Edge XRail 4W + 7W / GraphiteDesign G60 R-flex 60 gr.
    or Calla Alpha 815, set 16° + 20° / Fuji Motore Speeder 665 R-flex 62 gr.
    Hybrid: Cobra FlyZ 3H 19° + 4H 22° / Matrix VLCT Altus Lite flex 73 gr.
    Irons: Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i - PW** / KBS Tour 90 R-flex 101 gr.
           4i refitted with SteelFiber 780 HLS Hybrid shaft R Flex 75 gr.
    Wedge: Calla MD3 48°/8.SS + 54°/12.WS +
    MD.PM 60°/10  | KBS Tour R-flex 110 gr. |
    Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced) / 34" w. Ping Pistol PP60 grip (stock)
    Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag
    Ball: Calla SuperSoft
    * Either 7W or 3H left out, depending on course.
    ** Wedges: 46°and 48°are competing for bag space.
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    I’m 67, 90 mph on a good day. I play 5,7,9,11 Hybrids. Also 6,7,fli-hi hybrids.
    Us old guys can’t hit shiny clubs anymore and I don’t miss them at all.

    2019bag Big Bertha Fusion 10.5 Fuji evo 661 Stiff, Mizuno st190 5 atmos red 6 regular,  Epic flash 7 Fujikura xlr8 Regular, Rogue 11 fairway wood with Wishon s2s 85 gram black regular, Epic Flash Hybrid 6,  Mizuno 919 fli hi 6/7 kbs tour 90 regular, 8/9, PW Cobra F-max one length smacwrap 780 regular, Pw/Gw Mizuno  919 forged gold dynamic 95 regular, Mizuno s18 56 wedge gold dynamic regular, Toulon Austin, Ball Bridgestone b rx
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    Tour Edge XCG7 21 deg 7 wood. or Ex10 too...

    Mizuno ST-190 9.5 / AD I-Z 8x
    TEE CB Pro f2 15 / Fuel 70x TS
    TEE CB Pro f2 18 / 757 Evo x
    Yonex Ezone MB Irons DGX100
    Miura Wedge Series 51,55,59 DG
    SC Red X5 Putter 33.75 / Tour B xs

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    @johnnythunders said:
    I’m 67, 90 mph on a good day. I play 5,7,9,11 Hybrids. Also 6,7,fli-hi hybrids.
    Us old guys can’t hit shiny clubs anymore and I don’t miss them at all.

    I'm 64 and love my 7 woods. I have 2. A K15 23* and a G400 20.5*. They replace my 4 iron in both cases in my cart bag and walking bag. I also play 5 wood, 7 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid and 6 hybrid. The longest club in the cart bag is my 8 iron.
    You have to watch the loft. My 4,5 and 6 K15 hybrids actually replace my 5,6 and 7 irons in my Mizuno 800s. They equate to the same loft yet the number on the club is different. All the woods and hybrids launch much higher and go the same distance as the iron it replaces. They hold the greens every time. btw I'm a 9 handicap and still don't launch the long irons high enough to get them to do what I want.

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