Discount on last gen?

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After years of buying lightly used sets, I’m thinking about going for a real fitting and buying a new set of the Titleist 718 cb/mb combos. Rather than buying a used set of heads, and shafts, and grips separately to get what I want.
One pro-shop said that once the new irons are fully launched, say around the end of the month, the reps would be willing to deal on what are now the current models.
Does anyone have any experience with this? Not just Titleist. But what kind of discount can I expect, if any?

I also want to try this because nobody want to do any fitting advise unless you’re seriously looking at buying new. Whether or not I pull the trigger at least I would t feel bad because I intend to get a new set.



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    Not sure of Titleist policy but with some other manufacturers once new models are released, custom orders aren’t taken on previous models and the off the shelf stock is your only option for reduced pricing. If you happen to fit into one of the stock shaft options, you can always have the previous model bent to your specs, but that might offset the savings.

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    This is the case for all but Ping.
    Once the model is discontinued / marked down, no more custom builds are available.

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