Knock Off Golf Prides

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Wanting to switch to a midsize grip but not really wanting to spend $150+ on new grips, I like cord. I have seen a bunch of listings for GP NDMC on eBay and it says they are factory blems but I realize they are probably knock offs. My question is what will be the real difference between them and the real thing? Feel, look, durability? Could they maybe be just as good?

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    I've put knock off midsize MCC on all 13 of my clubs and i've got spares if I get/buy sell new clubs. I don't condone it but they are exactly the same, for a fraction of the cost.



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    They probably won't be as durable or have the same feel since it is cheaper materials. Or they may be exactly the same, lol. But you'd have to think if they are that much cheaper, corners have to be cut somewhere.
    I bought some (what turned out to be) fake New Decades and I could tell before I put them on that they were slick. Thankfully I was able to get a refund. Of course, your experience may be different!

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    Thought knock offs also had a smell. Where as authentic don’t smell

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    Amazon -> Champkey

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    I've had alot of people come into my shop with knock off grips that they got off ebay that they want installed. I always let them know they are knock offs and ask if they still want them installed. You can usually tell pretty easily. The cap is the giveaway. The letters aren't formed correctly so they have some edges hanging over. They install like crap also. Don't slide on easily and the hole in the top of the grip frequently isnt big enough so the solvent won't drip out over the tape like you want it to. Then as you slide the grip on it forces the solvent out the bottom of the grip and it squirts everywhere. Doesn't always happen but i've had that happen a few times. As for the wear aspect they tend to be a little slicker and wear quicker. If its just something you want to try out that might not be the worst thing but if it's going to be a long term switch I would just get the real ones. Over the long term it's going to cost you the same price because you will get better life out of the authentic ones.

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    The Karma ones are decent as tour velvet replacements. I will prob use them on everything but driver from now on. Grip prices are ridiculously high.

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    I used the Sharpro multicompound for a while and actually preferred them to GP because of the texture. But they are impossible to find anymore. It's a shame because they were way cheaper.

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    If you're going to do knock off grips, at least download the ali express app so you can get them at the cheapest price, direct.

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    I've used the karma grips . They are ok. Was thinking about trying the karma corded grips


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