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I've gamed 120's in stiff and currently play 105x...but I've been thinking of giving the 120X a try. I've always been right on the edge of stiff or X working for me (play x's in woods), but the unique profile of the 120 makes me feel like I can overpower the stiff. When I 'figure it out' and get in a groove, I've hit some of my best iron shots...I just cant seem to sustain that groove for very long. Maybe the X will tighten things up just enough to keep me confident

Wondering about you current 120X users, what your SS and transitions are like? Any of you on the fence with flex? What else were you considering for shafts at the time?

Thanks for the help!


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    My 7 iron ss is around 93-94 mph. I have a pretty quick transition as well. I switched from c-taper 120s as the 120X felt so much better. I use to use Project X 6.5 LZs prior to that. 120S are here to stay.

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    Love the 120X. Have them in my Z-Forged/785 combo and they feel fantastic to me. 7i swing speed was measured at 90-92 on Trackman in my fitting. I've hit my same irons with the 120S at Roger Dunn as that's the shaft that's in their Demo Srixons and I constantly see the ball turning too far left on me. I definitely feel more in control with the 120X and like I'm not overloading and turning the ball over too much which I've noticed anecdotally in some limited experience hitting the 120S on a GCQuad.


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