106-115 MPH swing speed, can't hit driver more than 200 yds



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    1) You are not swinging that fast
    2) > @Three_Jack said:

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    @glk said:
    Way across line. Open face. Big wipe - out to in. Got to be high launch with lots of loft added. Put 135 ball speed(flightscope traj optimizer) 4000 spin and with fade spin got 201 with no roll with launch of 25* - ball went 160 feet high. Lol. Ball speed of 150 requires more spin and higher launch and goes over 200 feet high - really doubt this is happening. It is your swing and not equipment. And it’s not just fixing one thing.

    This ^^^. You can hit center with loads of speed and an open face and cut across path and go nowhere. Spin north of 4K etc. some refuse to believe this. But it’s doable. I’ve done it. Not anymore. Go see somebody OP. Get fixed.

    No... you cannot hit center with 115 clubhead speed and carry the ball 200 yards. I just put in 160ball speed(which is really low for 115 clubhead speed), 24* vertical launch, 4330 backspin, 30 degrees of spin axis and STILL got 234 yards of carry. This ball flight had a 200 foot peak. Not sure why people believe that you can hit a modern driver on the face with 115 mph clubhead speed and not get 250+ yards of carry with garbage contact.

    I could hit it one yard out of the middle with that much speed. I do think the point has been made though that he is not swinging that fast.

    Can you explain how you could hit it one yard hitting the middle of the clubface with a 115mph clubhead speed?

    If the club face is dead square (0 degrees face to path) to the ball, it imparts max energy. The more tilted the face of the driver is the less energy it imparts to the ball. If the face is at 89.9 degrees to path and it hits the ball in the middle of the face, how far do you think it will go? If you had a 85 degree wedge with the same length shaft as your driver, how far do you think the ball will go? Same principal. My guess is his face is wide open and he is wiping across it so his smash factor is insanely low.

    I feel like you don't even realize what your suggesting. You're basically asking someone to swing a club at 115 mph and hit the center of the clubface while having the clubface parallel to the swing plane. You would have a way better chance to hit the hosel if the clubface was this far open.

    I think you are missing my point. Like I said before though, he is not swinging this fast

    Yes. Roll the swing speed number back and watch the carry move back to 200.

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    Do we need to repeat again that his swing speed is not 115? LOL. Come on people OP already admitted that he should really be at 100-105. That said it's still short like others have said, you're slicing across the ball. That's what I do when I want to hit a cut shot onto a green. Driver, not so much. Won't take a few lessons to fix your issue. Should be hitting it 250.

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    Does anyone else thinks it look like I'm getting stuck?

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    You're steep. You even setup to handle the over the top move. See a Pro.

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    Things dont add up to me since the numbers of your other club yardages mirror mine pretty closely and the F8 is currently in my line up and I love the F8. Yes I am one of those players who can drive it between 280-300. So not sure what the issue is to be exact. I would definitely try a different club all together or go with a stiffer shaft. See if you can get on a trackman to see what your spin numbers and carry distance are. It can be as simple as the ball being too high.

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