Looking for help to source a head cover [limited edition 2018 Carnoustie Scottish open mallet cover]


I'm new here to the forums. I've seen the site advertised around and decided to join up and give it a try.
I recently got back into golf, just a few months ago. I bought myself some clubs that will take me a few seasons in , rather than to play with some scrap yard or charity shop clubs.
Along with the clubs i bought, i found a really nice bag, it's a callaway stand bag from the 2018 scottish open. (some might call it British). It's pretty nice in the scottish patriotic colours of blue and white, with some nice black trim to help it stand out. Together with a driver, hybrid and 3 wood matching cover.

I recently found there was a limited edition headcover for putters, available at that time. it seems they were either only for tour players and staff, or in very limited amounts, but since seeing it, i know that it's something i really need to complete my golfing set.

I've tried Ebay, nothing is coming up. very difficult also to find around google. I only found 2 pictures of it. Amazon also has no luck and The Open site / store replied to me they don't have any remaining. I'm waiting feedback from Callaway or Odyssey, but perhaps someone regonises what i'm looking for, has seen it, knows someone selling one etc.

Many thanks in advance !

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