Bushnell Tour V4

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I've been using my bushnell tour v4 (non-slope) for about a year and a half now, never had any problems with the lifespan of the battery. However, I took a month long-ish break from golf and left my bag at home and the rangefinder in the case only to come back and try to use it during a round and found that it sort of stopped working and there was some sort of water droplets in the lens.
When I first took it out, there was some moisture in it (attached pics) but it still showed me my yardages and was working perfectly fine. After the second shot, I tried using it again but this time it wouldn't even turn on. I've tried soaking it in rice, silica gel and even put it with my cameras in the dry box but the water droplets never budged. So I decided to get a new battery and it worked! BUT, after it went off for about a minute, it wouldn't work again. Take the battery out and back in, it worked... then it wouldn't turn on again... the cycle continues.
Has anyone have had such trouble? and would this be covered under warranty since it's under 2 years?
I've never let it go under the rain, heck I've never let it touch water so what gives???

Sidenote: what should I get next if this doesn't work out... Garmin G80 seems really interesting and would likely help improve my game but I've really liked using a rangefinder since I've started golfing the last 2 years

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